Order from Survival Gear Bags and Get some Free TSP Gear — 5 Comments

  1. That’s a sweet deal! Sucks for me. I just bought the modern survival online go bag last week. I just got it in the mail yesterday and it’s pretty sweet. If you don’t have a bag I would suggest that you get one from their website. Great stuff and great value!

  2. Not sure where else to ask a question on posting to the forum, thanks in advance for your patience and input. I love reading the posts and know I can contribute, but I can’t figure out how to post a resonse to any of the threads. When I log in, I do not have a “Post” or “Reply” button that is obvious to me and believe me I have scoured the page. Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial or have any ideas.

    Be well and thanks for your help – Deb in MA

    • I am truly sorry, but the gear shop seems kind of lame. I would like to spend $200 but the presentation is inadequate. They need to improve, in my humble opinion. Tell more about the products. Details please!?

      Grant in Ohio

      • No one said to spend 200 at the gears shop, did you read the post? We are ramping up product in the shop though over time, what you see as lame is us keeping things cash flow positive and not ending up on a pile of inventory that doesn’t sell.

    • Maybe it is your browser?
      I use google chrome and have no problems.
      One does have to pick a user name and password and sign in, but that’s easy and free. Maybe that’s your problem. Have you done that?

      The Forum is very well monitored. To keep the riff-raff out. For which I am thankful, I’ve gotten busted a few times for suggesting illegal activities. the Monitors are very Vigilant, which is good.

      Suggest you email the monitors and ask them why you are having this problem. They will be glad to help. And bless them for their eternal Vigilance.

      There’s a weird thing though. Once one answers or participates enough, the hallway monitors open up more access to you. So you can see stuff you hadn’t seen before.