One Simple Rule Our Schools will Never Teach Our Children — 25 Comments

  1. damn Jack.  that stat hits hard. Too hard.

    There really IS a crisis and yet…crickets.

    I wonder, how many of those kids who killed themselves were under a pharma drug.

    • I don’t now how many, I do know how many of the mass shooters were though, all of them, every single one.

  2. That makes perfect sense to me Jack, but in the meantime, how is it that there were 3200 (give or take) people in that building and 5 or 10 of them couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t act to physically stop this kid?  I know that’s a large bit of armchair quarterbacking, but I know from personal experience ‘way back in my high school days that when a kid came into our school with a knife to fight another over a girl a group of guys overpowered him and that was the end of it.  Yeah, I know; less lethal situation.  I still don’t get it, though.

    • May be someday you will get a chance to intervene when someone is trying to kill you and others and at a time when you are unarmed.  When that happens you can tell us what it is like and if you have the courage to act.

  3. Excellent post Jack, as always. I wish they DID teach that, but then they’d have to do the same thing, and that won’t do. Such a mess.

    And as someone who still (40 years later) has issues from being picked on and bullied and all that, I can see why kids kill themselves to escape it. And I hate it. This society is SO messed up.


    And just because, I laughed at your auto-correct typo, “no right to use force, violence or cohesion” I visualized “If you don’t obey me, I’ll superglue myself to you!” I love fun typos 🙂

  4. I appreciate what you’re saying, but I have a problem with the title. At the risk of going off on a tangent, this shouldn’t be taught in schools, it should be taught at home. Our schools/teachers aren’t meant to be babysitters or surrogate parents.

  5. In 1980, the Supreme Court (Stone V. Graham) struck down a Kentucky law requiring the posting of the 10 Commandments in public school classrooms. In a bid to replace them with something not connected to any religion, The Way to Happiness was written. As of this writing, that booklet is available in 114 different languages and roughly 100 million copies have been printed.

    It is considered to have been a key tool (though never mentioned by the press, to my knowledge) in getting the government of Colombia to negotiate with the FARC rebels instead of continuing to fight them.

    The Way to Happiness has made it into some schools in some forms, but it also has its opponents. The real problem, it seems, isn’t religion; it’s sanity. There are people on this planet, some quite influential, who are very scared of really sane people.

    Your NAP is a perfectly sane idea. We have a Bill of Rights and a Universal Declaration of Human Rights that say very similar things. They are all good things to teach our kids. But what do you tell your kids when they ask, “But why are people’s rights being violated all the time?” “And what can I do to make things better?”

    The basic problem in society as I see it is that insanity exists and we don’t know how to handle it. It causes little kids to kill themselves and all sorts of other horrific events. Psychiatry has had its chance and decided, since they couldn’t beat them, to join them. That still leaves the rest of us. At this point all we need to do is decide to be ethical enough to do what is necessary to handle the situation. We do now understand insanity well enough to handle it. And the insane are terrified that we will find that out!

    • You are on something there, I am very much not for putting prayer back into public school because I do believe in separation of church and state. But I said last night to my wife, the problem is when they took prayer out of school they didn’t put anything back from an ethics stand. I guess they did at first, in my day we called it “citizenship”, but lets be honest it was simply code for good behavior.

      We need ETHICS in our schools and I am sick of people saying, “its the parents job” and other stupid shit. So you fuck up the American family, you glorify say single motherhood, now a woman has two boys and since she isn’t a waste of skin she kills herself at work, doing 10-12 hours away from home a day to feed her children. You rob her of thousands of dollars a year in taxes to “educate” her kids and say, all ethical teaching is her responsibility? What fucked up world are we living in?

      If we are going to steal billions annually and say it is to educate children, then educating them to simply treat others with decency should be job one. Of course that doesn’t mean I want schools to be 100% responsible for this role, but I expect them to do something. My ideal is NO MORE STATE SCHOOLS, but I am also a pragmatist.

  6. Nice thoughts Jack, butt, as long as there are psychopaths such as those infesting our Government (who very dangerously wants to have a monopoly on force) and it’s supplicants, the NAP as you term it cannot and will not be applied.  I have an obligation to protect my loved ones and my property.  I will aggressively continue to do this.  I also swore an oath to defend the constitution, I will aggressively continue to do this as well.  It’s sad, butt that’s the human condition.  I apply the Golden Rule wherever and whenever possible.

    • I think you might be confused, the NAP does NOTHING to prevent self defense or defense or others. I think you are confusing the NAP with pacifism. The two are perhaps distant cousins, but they are not twins, they are not even brothers.

  7. Early on we teach our kids “no hitting” but then on tv all the heros duke it out.
    It’s in our history: “Speak softly but carry a big stick”
    Pop culture is filled the “Might is right” mentality.
    I think the non-aggression principle is going to be a tough sell. As crazy as that sound, that the way I see it.

    • Well the article did state they would never teach it in school right in the title didn’t. I swear I am hearing so much defeatist language lately. It is up to us to teach this to our kids and just to get a conversation stated about it. Can we try that?

  8. Over 60 million lives have been prematurely ended since roe vs wade. I believe the NAP applies to those victims as well.

  9. Folks, you need to apply this in the same way as everything else we’ve discussed here. In your circle of influence. Don’t worry about what others do or don’t do, or say it won’t work because…
    Just teach your children, grandchildren, whoever you have influence with.

    • THANK YOU, I figured since the title clearly said the schools would not do it, that this was implied, it seems I still have a lot of work to do.

  10. This article came across the feed today:


    “More than 2 million Americans are now hooked on some kind of opioid, and drug overdoses — from heroin and fentanyl in particular — claimed more American lives last year than were lost in the entire Vietnam War. ”


    Prohibition, regardless of what the object to prohibit is, doesn’t work, folks.



  11. Hey Jack, great read.
    Question/favor: I’ve been in the process of trying to compile some hard data that coincidentally goes hand in hand with this. Either on this thread or via email would you share your source for your numbers? I’ve been dissecting CDC and other gov and “independent” sources, and I’m getting a lot closer to your figure than the CDC’s posted numbers, but I’m running out of avenues.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • What will likely help you is to know the figure is for ages 0-24 because that is consider “college age” and college shooting are considered “school shootings”. It takes a lot of weeding though and adding up to get the number, almost like they don’t want you to have it or something.

  12. Great article and the numbers shocked me. NAP is a great principle.

    You write about the school shooting. Most of the shooters are men/boys that have grown up without a father from broken homes. We need NAP and we need the families back.

  13. Jack,

    Those statistics are staggering and I have no reason to doubt you.  I have referenced them in conversation and would like to back them up with your reference to the CDC.  Can you provide a link to where or how you got those numbers?


    • You have to dig though multiple reports and know my numbers are up to age 24 since they include colleges in “school shootings” I went to what is considered college age for the top. There is no one place to get the number you have to assemble it in pieces parts. Almost like they don’t want to talk about it.