One More Day With No Show but Some Cool Announcemts — 9 Comments

  1. If your voice continues to have trouble I would see an ENT physician. They have tools to look at your vocal cords.

  2. Jack,
    We love your show. I’ve been meaning to mention this to you for a while but now just seams very appropriate. You need to do shorter shows! Paul Wheatons episode could have been two 50 minute shows. Keith Snow could have been two 45 minute shows. patriot nurse as well. I don’t think there is any shame in keeping episodes under an hour. I don’t think Beck, Rush or Hannitty does as much talking as you a week. (Maybe Beck does more when you count his tv show.)

    Thanks again Jack and be well!

    • I appreciate your thoughts and understand your sentiment but please don’t tell me what I “need to do” in regard to the show I have build from nothing into what it is. My entire journey with TSP I have been told by many people (most who are very well intentioned) what I “need to do”.

      What I “need to do” is always stay true to who I am, what I believe and the way I feel things should be done. Had I not done so TSP would not even exist.

      • Jack,
        I think you need to keep on doing what you’re doing. I for one know how much work it takes to put out a podcast. To be able to do one on a daily basis (concept, recording, editing, publishing) takes a hell of a lot of time and discipline. There will always be the arm chairs out there telling you what “you need to do” and some of them have good points, but you’re right on by staying true to what got you here. Besides your message, your work ethic alone inspires me Jack.

  3. I dig the longer shows. I’ve found that the additional length is totally natural due to the conversation or train of thought.

    My grandpa drank hot tea with brandy and honey in it to sooth the throat and ease pain.

  4. Jack,

    You do a lot of talking and with his illness I thought I’d recommend a round of products to you since you professionally talk. It’s saved me several times.

    Vocal Eze

    Whole Foods also has a similar product.

    They contain Marshmallow Root, Osha Root, Echiancea Root, Licorice Root and some other goodies. Do yourself (and us) a favor. Heal thy throat. 🙂

  5. Can someone please ask Sam from raintree to finish his sentences with the same volume he starts with. It is extremely frustrating to listen to him have excellent points and ideas only to trail off at the end of his sentences repeatedly…