OMG Leather Works Joins the MSB — 5 Comments

  1. I can also testify to the quality of OMG products.  My dog gets the best of everything (spoiled doggie that she is) and now has the best collar available.

    The workmanship is so good that now all our belts look cheap in comparison.

  2. Thank you Salima for that fantastic endorsement.

    If anyone is having any issues reaching our website, please email me at  We’ve gotten a couple of orders today and will get them processed as quickly as possible.   I respond to your orders and questions as soon as I see them.

  3. Hi Jack, would be an idea to bring Jeff on the show as a guest or expert to talk about care of leather products, especially more expensive products like leather coats and ones favourite leather hiking boots etc.

    This might tie in with the question about leather care which I emailed you last week.

  4. I have a belt that Jeff made. It makes carrying my conceal carry comfortable. My pants stay up better than with the old belt that I had been wearing for the last 25 years.