Offical Holiday Shutdown for 2013 — 20 Comments

  1. Jack,
    How refreshing! I wish you a deeply peaceful and wonderful Christmas this year. Come back refreshed…..:)

  2. Put ‘er on the shelf, relax. You’ve had a busy 2013. Tick, tick, tick. 2014 will be upon us soon, a New Year, new challenges.

    Merry Christmas from Prince Edward Island

  3. Thanks for all you did this year. Looking forward to next year….buying my land and preparing it to start a business and build a forest garden!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  4. Hope you had a very merry Christmas! Wish you’ll have a happy and prosperous new year! Thanks for all the informational posts you’ve been sharing with us!

  5. I gonna put sum swells a round the hoogle-coulter for my perma-couch sytem been thinking. Gots a nice view from the portch. Ain’t done till the fat boy sings, harley notice been drinking n’ all. With tha countie law after me n’ all for living rite, we ain’t goin donw withut a fite noway!

    Love and laugh in 2014!!