Off to West Virginia — 9 Comments

  1. One measure of your success is the growing demand on your time. Back in the day, you used to record interview shows for use when you were gone from doing your regular podcasts. I suspect you probably don’t have the time for much of that these days.

    Just as a suggestion, perhaps you’d consider letting one of the Expert Council do some kind of one-off interview show with a guest of their choice when you’re on the road or otherwise away from the mic. That is, of course, if any of them are willing to do one.

  2. Another option for people wondering how they will survive a week without their TSP, is to hit up John Pugliano’s wealthsteading site and listen to a couple of his shows. There’s some really good stuff over there.

    • Agreed.
      At this point I intentionally don’t pay attention to media at all, however, I have found john’s podcast to be a no bs look at financial information. Its just that simple. I don’t necessarily agree with him on everything, but its great perspective.

      Already miss my chats with John at PV2…

  3. A version of Gordie’s idea- a Survival Podcast road trip- interview tour of the Midwest- could be fun. I’d supply a juicy list of regional and national voices for your interviews, and help with various lodging and logistics, if you’d like to explore the possibilities. Have a happy and productive trip!

  4. Oh jack have a great time! I would have been there! such great learning. I’m preparing to go to Boquete, Panama to live and start a project. Pulling anchors from Montana due to my son’s lung issues and being a pre-teen in America is like a shark fest. Otra cultura es mejor! Ah here is my question for next week listener questions: Knowing what you know, what would you take/ buy for tools, assuming you would land on a great piece of land in Eden, in the middle of nowhere? Keyline shank, seeder, shade cloth, nursery “pots”, irrigation heads/tape/sprayers, tents, tools, electric system, (stream) , I would source nurseries there, take seeds, root cuttings, ….. we are flying blind, lifting anchors, selling all, even the food storage and bullets/guns (not all). We are off to do ducks in the “eternal spring” 60-80 degrees all year. A place is of course saved for you and Dorothy and family. Lets do Panama highlands!!! Nick Fergueson is all over it. and I’m sure many in the audience. Please come. USA is beginning to suck. I’m fluent in Spanish, we could make a presence in the governing bodies of Panama for permaculture. I saw a vision of PVPanama! Come, lets take the flight to freedom! So what do I take/ship? (And want to buy in ? 27k)