Off to the Arkansas Homestead and Some Updates — 18 Comments

  1. That is beautiful country i live in southwest Missouri and it look,s a lot like that here.

  2. Freaking awesome. I know it’s easy to say “Hell Jack did it..he is the survival guy”. But you did, and I know it’s been a lot of good work. Good for you Jack!

  3. Well Done Sir. And Well Deserved!

    Congratulations. And Thank you for all that you do for us.



  4. You did it Jack. Your finally did it! Congratulations…well done…and well deserved. Keep up the good work and…I’ll be listening.


  5. I am SO HAPPY for you Jack. You are living the dream! Enjoy your new homestead. May your years there fill your heart and your home with loving memories and happiness!

  6. Congrats Jack to you and yours! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that we could help make this happen for you! You’ve been such an inspiration, and this is the next step alot of us are working to take! thanks for guiding us through the tough times (and the not-so-tough), and for giving me a place to send the conspiracy nut I call my best friend to go and come back down to earth! You may have actually saved his marriage! 😉 Thanks again, and keep on podcasting! I’ll keep listening!

    Xoxo and all the best,

  7. It’s been encouraging to watch you on this hourney and rewarding to see it accomplished. Congratulations!

  8. It makes me smile just thinking about how happy you must be to see all your hard work pay off. Way to go – I hope that many continue to be inspired by your example to live a simple and more fulfilling life.

  9. Congratulations brother! A well deserved reward for your years of hard work, thanks for all your advice and wisdom you’ve shared with me and here’s to the future!

  10. Wisdom for sure in choosing your “bug-out” home! Beautiful, practical, and self-sufficient for what is coming. I live 45 minutes out of Louisville in the country near a small rural community and am presently making it as self-sustaining as possible but when retirement comes things may just change and I’ll be looking out towards your way! Job well done, sir!