Out Back with Jack – Epi-2977 — 5 Comments

  1. Fire! Loved the Debbie Downer rant. TY

    Hey. 100% right. Crypto market cap is a head fake number.

    I think we should all start talking about 24hr trade volume/1BTC. Set the new standard measuring stick on something immutable.

    So the news would read. Ethers trading volume was at 1.5million BTC today vs DASH at 876,000.

    It would set Bitcoin as king and change the language. Then hearts and minds.

  2. No amount of power or control will ever satisfy any government, anywhere. Governments always seek to increase their power, and control. The form of government does not matter: they all do it, whether a monarchy, a dictatorship, a democratic republic, or socialist worker’s paradise.

    Thank you for your education in these matters. I have learned more from you than anyone. You are truly a polymath.

    See you at the workshop next month.


  3. I was a practicing CPA for nearly 40 years. I saw up close and personal what you say about partnerships.

    At a seminar I attended 30 years ago, the leader said, “Partnerships are like marriages without sex. You have all the disagreements, frustration, and problems of a marriage; but you don’t have the sex to heal the wounds.” There were gasps in the audience! But heads nodded.

    I have seen VERY few partnerships work out well.

  4. It was worth my money to be part of the Permaethos experiment. Like you always advise – didn’t use money I couldn’t afford to piss into the wind. Took some classes. Enjoyed while it lasted.