Outback with Jack – Listener Feedback Edition – TSPC – Epi-3122 — 4 Comments

  1. Kentucky State University has a great aquatic culture program.
    They did a great presentation in 2018 on Indoor Shrimp Farming.
    They have a great setup on campus.

    The rough estimate is a gross profit between $18-$22/lb.
    A small indoor system can produce 3000 lbs every 3 months.
    I setup a business plan and estimated the initial costs at around $75,000 (including 1 year of retail rental space for the indoor farm/shop).

    I have way too many businesses / projects to manage it all on my own.
    I looked for partners (mainly to help with the setup/daily monitoring) and everyone thought the idea was stupid.

    Red Claw Crawfish group on facebook (at least they were 3 years ago before I abandoned facebook) have a lot on information

    • Based on what I see shrimp sell for that 18-22 a pound sounds like nonsense. Please don’t be insulted by that, I know it is not your claim. Shrimp does not sell for that much especially farmed shrimp. May be literally live to high end restaurants? Fairly limited niche though.

  2. I recently heard about the American bresse chicken on a different podcast. I think it was the “homestead stories” podcast. It was just mentioned in passing, but the person said that you have to be careful about your breeding lines because they degrade in just a few generations. Let me know if you want me to find the exact episode where I heard it and I can pass it along.

  3. I am trying to find a source for the Bresse, but everywhere is sold out. I actually emailed the homesteaders from your video because they are less than an hour from me but I haven’t heard back yet