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  1. I love the once-a-week bitcoin show idea! I need help with that and I will definitely tune in. And I’m glad you’re planning to curb the f-bombs. At the risk of sounding like an old prude, it’s rare in my life that I use or hear it so I find it distracting. Thanks Jack!

    • If your offended by a word, how easy is your life. To be so soft that a word gets to you. It’s fascinating that you made it past 9 years old being so soft.

      • She has every right to say she doesn’t like a word, it doesn’t mean her life is easy… what a strange logical fallacy. I hate the word as well… haven’t had an easy life, and don’t ever wish to change my opinion that words like f… are offensive – but I will listen to it if I think the content is worth listening to despite that. Let people have opinions about where and what they think is ok. She made it clear she still listens.

        • And I and others have EQUAL right to say tough shit. Why is this so hard for some to understand. Your right to express any opinion does not come with immunity to counter opinions.

      • Being tough isn’t equal to using crude language. Like having a tatoo doesn’t automatically mean you’re tough. My father-in-law was one of the toughest guys in WWII, fought in 18 major engagemnts. He never dropped f-bombs…ever. I did when I was younger but got out of the habit. Just like my thoughts to stay elevated. That’s all.

        • Using certain words doesn’t mean you are tough I agree. However, not be able to handle hearing words, means you are NOT at least mentally.

          And note that a few less or a bit less often doesn’t mean you won’t hear it at all.

        • Disagree – crude language is distasteful – it’s got absolutely nothing to do with being tough mentally – as Tammy said, when you want to fix your mind on things that are noble, good and uplifting, an f-bomb pollutes the atmosphere.

          The fact that we are still listening to your podcast shows the extent to which it offends.

        • Again I say, listen or don’t, I don’t do things to make you feel better. Read the disclaimer that has been on the site since 09.

          And yes I think being offended by a word vs. how it is used is mentally weak and this is why.

          Tell me honestly Erin, why is the word “fuck” offensive? Who decided it was? Really think about that. When the word originated in language it was not “crude language”, it was just a word. Nothing more.

          Then some group of old time Karen’s decided they did not like it and generations were taught it was offensive. No one really can say why. Can you? Other then society decided, can you, really, can you?

          This is actually a serious discussion, do you see that, can you? Why is fricken okay but fuck bad? Why is intercourse okay but fuck bad? Why? Because someone who lived before you were even born decided so, that is in fact the only reason.

          What if we today decide a word that is commonly used is offensive and needs to be purged? Some word you Erin use all the time, but now someone is offended. Are you going to stop using it, let them control you. Say you could go forward and time and talk to Great Granddaughter Erin, what would you tell her about the use of said word?

          Do you understand what power it is to control language? To make a word offensive but a concept not so? I can speak literal filth with zero bad words and in society this is okay, but to call a politician a “fuckin trader” is offensive?

          Have you even read 1984?

          Now you may think I am just going on here, but one more time, who decided “fuck” was a “bad word” and what makes it “bad” when 90 other words can be used as substitutes but they are not “bad”. Is “bone” bad, or only bad when used to substitute for “fuck” or is it okay to do that too?

          When you control the language you control the mind.

  2. Uvalde is 60 miles away from the border. Great show Jack. Thank you.

    • As the federal government has border check points 90 miles north of the border and has used them to search my vehicle with no warrant against my consent, I would call that a border town.

      • Your above post doesn’t have a reply button
        It is offensive because there is a sacredness and a beauty about sex between two committed people, it is the highest form of intense bonding and is even said to transcend the physical.
        When you use the f word, you denegrate something at the least fulfilling and in it’s purity as it was intended to be beautiful and bonding down to it’s lowest, basest animal form… and what should be held in high regard is trampled on as a curse word.
        For you it may be a word to express yourself… for many people you are degrading that which is a gift between lovers down to a carnal base act. So for those who do hold words in high regard that is why you are getting constant reactions.
        I went to Earnest Hancock’s page after you mentioned you were speaking on it.
        He has a whole blurb about keeping language clean, in essence.
        He isn’t weak mentally, he is respectful of his audience.
        Not to mention you used an ad homenim argument to attach anyone who doesn’t like swear words to ‘old Karens’.
        You can swear all you like, I’ve been listening to you for over a decade and will continue to. I can also voice if I find something offensive, I’m not asking you to change, but maybe if enough people indicate, you may rethink. If you don’t we will all still listen.
        I totally agree with what you say about changing words, but there are certain words that are curse words – for example why don’t you say mfc? or other specific disgusting words? Because you have a standard for your show. Your standard is that f is ok.
        Alot of people’s standards are that f is not ok.
        You cast flack at me for giving my opinion towards someone who made a logical fallacy – and voicing why I disagreed. I don’t mind that you disagree with me either. That is the freedom we still have – neither of us will change our stance on it – and I have no doubt you are a stronger person than I am mentally. But that doesn’t mean I am weak mentally because I hold words in high esteem.
        Yes, I’ve read 1984 and I know the slippery slope. I know the digital ‘library of Alexander’ has embers growing and the more I learn, the more I realise we have been lied to about history, so I really want to know truth, and language is a huge part of that – logos – truth.
        I will keep learning as much as I can from you, thanks for all you have done in my life so far.

        • Forgive me for adding more to an already long comment. I do not get emails to indicate I’ve had a response, so found your comment late.
          But this is really important to me too, so I’d like to elaborate further.
          The last 2 years have opened our eyes to the way the powers of darkness are operating on our planet.
          As you mentioned about 1984 – the ministry of truth – we see lies being propagandised as truths, and the meanings of words being changed ie. herd immunity now means most people being vaccinated, instead of most people having natural immunity.
          Mother – now child producing person
          Father – non child producing person
          Words being rabbit holed to socially engineer our young children to have never known otherwise – good words that hold the social fabric of society together.

          But I don’t believe f falls into this context.
          it is already a word that has been taken and has perverted the original intention of an act.
          I don’t mean to have to reiterate , but sexual intercourse – that which is life-giving – produces life itself, is nurturing, hence the word ‘love-making’ and indicates mutual consent is not what the curse word f is referring to.
          F is mostly inclined to term an act that any one person can do to fulfill their primal lust – it has no boundaries and becomes perverted and selfish and is the number one cause of the destruction, pain and suffering imposed on the victim of that lust… it is in the realm of abuse.
          When you say f off or f you, you’re not saying to a person ‘go and have a wonderful union with the one that you love, and fulfill each other’s desires’.
          As I mentioned before – our mutual enemy knows the power of words, and that is why it is a ‘curse’ word. It is altering the atmosphere in a dark way, especially when it is projected at another person… as a curse.

          As we see very clearly now the battle between good and evil, and the power of words – especially the way our enemy is using them to control the population, it seems to me that words fall into two categories – those with the power to bring life, and those with the power to bring destruction.

          So when a person wants to filter what comes into their mind, it has nothing to do with pompousness or condescension, which is what I think it comes across as (old Karen)
          it is a desire to guard our hearts and our minds. Weakness and strength, in my opinion, do not come into the equation.

          Finally, Jack, you have so much to contribute to so many… I think you could reach the demographic of families with young children if you made your podcasts family friendly… just imagine how many more young people would be snatched from the fire if every night was an hour with Jack for the family over dinner to then discuss and teach and grow them in the right direction.

        • But in all that, all of it, who decided the word fuck was bad?

          When? Who? Why?

          And what gave them the right to do so? How did they make you filter your mind to this word? Why isn’t dog or cat or IDK fornicate a bad word?

          In all your on and on and on and on, you never addressed that, not one time.

          Lot’s of mental gymnastics in all that but no answer. It is hard to admit that people long dead are controlling your mind isn’t it Erin?

  3. Jack, when people say to “lock the doors” they are referring to a one-way lock that locks from one way but leaves the other side always unlocked. This voids your entire fire argument. I doubt that you’ve not heard of a one-way lock since you come from a “big corporation” and they tend to use key card access which is a form of a one way lock. So either you are purposefully being disingenuous with your argument there or you don’t know what they are talking about in which case I would advice you to do what you chastised others in the episode for and that is shut your mouth and do so research.

    • Excellent analysis and insight on Uvalde. Also, linking the suicidal kids with desire to matter, and taking others with them, is truly insightful. And the glorifying of the shooters by media takes place EVERY time, without fail.

      The school system really is a minimum security prison with overnight and weekend work release. I felt that way 60 years ago when I experienced it. Not only is it like prison, but everything is focused on teaching the lowest common denominator. Dragging slower students along while boring the faster kids to death. And not allowing students to pursue what really interests them. We need the basic education, of course, but those things can be taught, as you say, in a few hours a day. Not 7 hours a day plus homework that most kids do not need–they already got it.

      I loved being at the workshop last October. Wonderful to see you in person.


    • They had those, it did no good. A teacher “accidentally” left the door propped open.

      This solution only requires one other person to be part of a plan at best, none at worst.

  4. Thanks for the show. You mentioned having fact checking sites – I think Ryan Christian offers a good example of fact checking the news. And his audience help… and if he’s found to be wrong about something he will right it.
    I think there are a ton of independent journalists who are essentially doing this even if not in an official format of ‘fact checker’, the way fb or snopes does.
    Also I was interested that you didn’t bring up any of the shootings as being covert operations… I thought it was common knowledge that many shooters have been groomed by cia, so that they can create hegelian dialects, false flags and push for new laws (ie. gun control). Has this not been done throughout history?
    Also, I’ve heard the question a couple of times, how could he have owned that vehicle and all of that equipment if he was just an 18 year old kid… things definitely don’t add up and my mind always sways towards there being government involvement to further their agendas – especially the ones that make the news. Sceptical until I find out the actual facts.

  5. A thought on solution. Get rid of government schools. Make them all private, not even mandatory. Parents would buy online solutions like your grandkids are attending a few hours a day, and also, providing time and opportunity to pursue what interests them.

    This also extends your ideas on FREE, as in free mandatory education not being valued.

  6. Thoughts on a solution. Can it be done like UL Labs or maybe TSA pre-check? Create a single or set of private organizations that will issue cards certifying fitness to purchase a gun or ammo. Gun/ammo sellers would then contact the organization to see if the member is still in good standing before approving sales. The idea is to force some basic human interaction and character checks before one is allowed to buy a gun/ammo. If a member is proven to have acted badly, it could cause the organizations charter to be revoked. This would only add minimal extra expense to one time gun purchases, say dues to bring them up to good standing, but would have to be repeated before each new purchase. The groups would probably form up on gun ranges or hunting clubs and promote safe gun ownership and usage, so recurring dues could add useful benefits.

  7. It doesn’t matter where the word came from in the first place.
    People aren’t using it today with the intention of it’s original meaning.
    They are using it as a crude word or a curse word.
    And my mental gymnastics were aimed at explaining the power a word has at normalising an act to many peoples’ detriment.
    So, no, Jack, I didn’t address it, because it isn’t relevant. Dead people don’t control my mind either – that is a long stretch. I just choose that which is edifying and good, and filter out the crude and distasteful. No problem with that as far as I can see.

    • First the word is used by plenty of people. So there is that.

      Next, you don’t think it is relevant who decided a word was “bad”? Oh, okay, your mind is not being controlled at all.

      Thank you for making my point better than I could have.

      • Sorry for being so slow Jack, ~I get it now!
        It started off not being a bad, crude, curse, what ever – word.
        Somewhere along the way people decided it was a bad word and it got globally adopted as such.
        But you use it as a crude word because it wasn’t one.
        Forgive my mental gymnastics above.
        Just walk me through the paces with the c word..
        Did it start off being bad or good?
        Did it somewhere along the way become a bad word? Or has it always been a baddie?
        And you don’t use it because? It must have been a baddie all along.
        Slow on the uptake, but I get there in the end.

        • There are NO BAD WORDS. Words are just words any contention to the contrary is control of the human mind.

          How a word is used is more important than the word. Done.

          I can use 100% G rated words to express X rated concepts. If any word bothers you that is your social programming, done.

          So cunt is bad but “vagina” isn’t, right that is your next contention? What about pussy? Okay when it is a cat, but bad when anatomy, or is it okay as anatomy but wrong when you call a male one for being weak?

          Where does it all end? Who decides?

          I’ve been informed some consider hell a curse word. Day I heard that I said to hell with all this bullshit and stopped caring what others thing about words.

          Use any words you want, don’t use a word you don’t want to. Yet as long as me saying fuck bothers you, in the way I use it, others are controlling your mind. The only way a person fails to see that is that they don’t want to.

          If I invent a new word, what makes it “bad” or “good”? If you think about that question, it renders your entire argument moot.