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  1. Re: Plan for when your spouse dies. Thank you for your past and continuing “being prepared advise.” My husband and I listened to you many years and were pretty well prepared for short and long term events. My husband was a total convert to sustainability and even got a permaculture certificate from Geoff Lawton. I listened because being prepared is never a bad thing and I enjoyed being interested in “his stuff.” Then my husband died of a widow maker heart attack, total of 1.5 hours from the attack to being pronounced dead at hospital. Some things you can never be prepared for. Thankfully, I had learned much over the years listening to you and preparing with him. Our discussions saved me from making many, many mistakes and allowed me to live for almost 2 years without worrying about day-to-day living. When I was without electricity for 3 weeks due to a hurricane, I had food and water in the house, a generator that ran even the a/c, 500 gal tank of gas in the back yard, etc. No last minute preparations required. All of this to say I am grateful for all of your advice over the years and would advise spouses who are not interested to get ready for none of us know what today will bring. Even a slight interest on a spouse’s part might reap many benefits for that spouse in the future.

    I know this post is longer than you like. I am happy to say my son and I now discuss many of your programs. I think he started listening to you as a way to honor his father and have something to discuss with his mom. We have even started a crypto business together.