Outback with Jack – The Survival Podcast – Epi-3098 — 8 Comments

  1. Jack ~repeatedly~ promised to offend everyone in this episode.

    I listened to this episode from start to finish and was not offended.

    And because of that, I am offended.

    Well played, Sir. Well played.

  2. On the drought. I’m a native Californian, currently living in Appalachia. I visited CA last summer for a funeral.

    I have NEVER seen CA that dry, not even in the 70s. It was so dry the old oak trees were dying.

    The orchards in the southern part of the central valley were mostly dead sticks, with clouds of dust choking the sky (dust bowl). Frankly, apocalyptic.

    If you don’t think you need to be storing/growing/producing mohr(!) food, take a look at how much food comes out of CA. Start w/ almond production.

  3. Two things:

    First, I do feed my dogs a 100% raw meat, whole prey diet. I have two dogs, one 65 pounds and one 55 pounds. While they were puppies and actively growing, it cost me about $100/week per dog for their food. Now that they have stopped growing so quickly, it costs me about $100/week for both dogs. Dogs eat about 2-3% of their body weight per day when they are fully grown. My source costs approximately $5/pound.

    My dogs get everything from the standard beef, chicken, pork plus different things like beaver and muskrat. I figure that cows eat grass. Chickens eat bugs, seeds etc. So it stands to reason to me that some animals may be a bit higher in some nutrients than others, therefore I mix everything up. So people can definitely drop the price down a bit if they stay away from things that are higher priced. Also, organ meats tend to be cheaper. I get all of my meat for myself from a local organic farm. I get things like beef heart and livers for $.75/pound.

    The biggest problem with this kind of diet for dogs is storage. I have two freezers for the dog’s food, one for mine and the one above the fridge is shared. So if you go this route, make sure that you have a generator or two in case of power outages.

    Second topic- a little mental masterbation about Bitcoin. If all of these smaller countries, including third world countries, are the first governments to adopt and buy Bitcoin, and Bitcoin does amazingly well over time, do some of these smaller countries suddenly jump up to first world status? It would be interesting to see some of these small countries suddenly have the ability to tell “the world powers” to go kick rocks. Haha!!

  4. Regarding Wallet of Satoshi and keeping bitcoin in their Lightning wallet, would Strike be able to do the same thing, or is Strike only for sending payments over the Lightning network? From what I’ve seen using Strike, it’s custodial until it gets sent to your own wallet.

    • Okay this is what I can best tell about Strike. Let’s start with the known. ALL EXCHANGES are CUSTODIAL.

      Strike in an exchange so it is custodial. All exchanges will require KYC to swap fiat to BTC. So that is also Strike.

      I buy on Strike and move off Strike to my own wallet it is pretty much the only thing I do with it. You can send bitcoin from strike to any wallet that is a bitcoin wallet. One our self custody or one on another exchange, coinbase, coinex, etc.

      All this is known.

      Now what I think I know.

      Strike uses lightning to move dollars but not to move bitcoin. When you buy and send bitcoin on Strike it is in on chain form. Strike is not a lightning wallet (yet anyway) rather an app that leverages lightning for fiat. More you can’t send bitcoin on strike to another strike wallet, you much convert it to USD then send it to another strike user. If there is a way to move BTC on strike to another strike user I can’t figure out how.

      Strike to me seems to be eliminating paperwork during building mode to focus on building. They have a referral program but when you hit 400 USD earned in a year it cuts off till the next tax year. I think they do this so they never have to send affiliates a 1099 not because they are cheap.

      You can only buy up to 1K in bitcoin a week. Hence you won’t have many if any 10K transactions, no reporting. By controlling how much you can do in a few ways per week they reduce the required over sight and reporting. Also you won’t ever be accused of “structuring” inside strike because you are simply operating inside their imposed limits.

      I think don’t know but think Jack Maller’s strategy is minimize the need for customer service, reporting, paperwork and over sight. Do what is the easiest to do perfectly now and build more later. I have tried to get ANYONE from strike on the show, they don’t say no, they simply do not respond.

      Best I can do for now.

      • I will add if I want BTC in lightning form from Strike what I do is.

        1. Buy BTC on Strike

        2. Send said BTC to Exodus

        3. Convert it on Exodus to Lightning (this is not a trade, it does not incur any tax reporting)

        4. Once the conversion is done (exodus calls it depositing) which can take 10-20 minutes it is now in lightning on Exodus. I now leave it there or send it at almost no fees instantly to anywhere I want it. To pay for stuff, to put in another wallet like Wallet of Satoshi or Breeze or what have you.

        This may seem a bit confusing or tedious until you do it one time, then you are like OH I GET IT.

  5. Appreciate the detailed explanation on it, Jack. Doesn’t sound confusing, just need to move it once like you were saying to understand it. Looks like I need to play around with the Lightning functions in Exodus.