Out Back with Jack – Episode – 3094 — 5 Comments

  1. Jack,
    Do you think when the garbage alts die that the money will flow back into BTC and blue chips like Cardano and Solana, or do you think the degens will just take their money out of the market, lowering the overall marketcap? If it’s the latter, then that could be a catalyst for finding a bottom in BTC price.

    • Sort of. Some will most will evaporate. So Bill blazed into Doggy coin, it went up, he was “rich” but stayed in, Doggy coin is now down, he is “poor” in reality he never had the money other than his original buy.

      Bill does not comprehend this, so he will stick with Doggy coin under the sunken cost fallacy. When it finally is .000003 cents he will simply have no money to move into BTC.

      Some Bill’s will awaken in this and bail before the 2 grand they sunk in is worth less than 100 bucks. Most won’t so there is going to be a half trillion dollar implosion.

      ETH a few unique alts and BTC will come out the other end. New money will consolidate into BTC but most old money is going to be GONE.

      Great question by the way.

  2. Great show Jack. I’m really liking the livestreams.

    Filling up the diesel tank the other day was a sobering reminder to PREP HARDER. And I don’t mean ‘run out a buy a bunch of stuff for the pile’. Some reflection is needed.

    Let’s see, what is diesel used for again? Ships, train engines, trucks, tractors…ie. the ENTIRE global economy thing.

    This is going to be one hell of a boost in the ‘inflation tax’.

    Totally onboard w/ building while everyone else is wandering around semi-catatonic waiting for ‘not sure’ to save the day.

    The Empire of Nothing doesn’t care about you. It’s time to build your own island of prosperity.

  3. Something I ran across a few days ago. Interesting to say the least… about our origins.

    First I watched two videos on the 5th Element, Luminiferous Æther, (The 5th Element, pt 1: Aether and hidden communication technology,
    This one gave me a peek into the rest of this channels videos, so I watched part two before I went on to the more entertaining “Atlantis Rising Series 1-4 and 4b-5”, really just looking for entertainment, but instead found a theory on our origins which also has a lot of information to support the theories, enough to make me think anyway. (links below) And then to a very thought provoking Audio book:
    Irish Wisdom Preserved in Bible & Pyramids (MacDari reading),

    Atlantis Rising part 1
    Atlantis Rising 3
    Atlantis 4: The World Before Oceans
    Atlantis Rising 4B: The Literal World Tree
    Atlantis Rising Finale: Part 5

    Interesting if you have the time to watch.
    Evelyn Mitchell

  4. Thanks so much for recommending the History Channel’s series “The Food That Built America.” I am watching the first episode now, and it’s fascinating. Had to pause it when I got to the part where the feds were raiding Coca-Cola after passage of the food act because it no longer had cocaine in it, so therefore it was false advertising. LOL. WTF? That was so hilarious, I had to pause it just to send you this comment. Okay, back to the series! Thanks, Jack!