Outback with Jack – The Survival Podcast – Epi-3076 — 5 Comments

  1. I stopped flying when the TSA was brought in. I have a nice diesel Audi that gets 50mpg. If I can’t drive there, I don’t need to go. Wife still puts up with air travel, she won’t listen to me. Oh well.

  2. Typically April is pretty bullish for BTC. But this year the spring so far hasn’t been going too well. I expect more pain and a nasty summer. Some are saying the price metrics have been reset since last May’s collapse. If so, then the bottom could be over the next few months, then a gradual rise up to new highs. Either way, I’m putting cash on the side, ready to buy in at the lows (possibly 20k region).

    So far I’m down just a bit from my buy-in costs, but as they say, ‘no pain, no gain.’ I can wait.