Outback with Jack – Episode – 3057 — 6 Comments

  1. Hi, if you can add the fertilization program you mentioned towards the end of today’s show, or in an upcoming show, would be great.

  2. I thought that squirrels were eating holes in my tomatoes. But I found out it was rats. I set traps and over three seasons I traped less and less till the problem disappeared. 6 squirrels lost their life due to me not first identifying the culprit.

  3. Thanks for discussing the pool pond, Jack! I’m converting ours now and was eager to hear what you had to say about it. Good point on keeping the original equipment separate. If I was building a new pool I would definitely go the David Pagan Butler organic pools route. Geoff Lawton was building one recently.

    I think our pool is around 18,000 gallons, it came with the property. I just finished building a bog filter and added shubunkins and mosquito fish. Still waiting on plants to come in.

    Looking forward to your aquatics course and seeing your friend’s pool too.