Outback with Jack – Episode – 3056 – The End of America as we Knew It — 11 Comments

  1. I think self sovereignty, parallel society, and self improvement are good solutions to the problems posed. But I also think that local politics at the city, county, and state levels are also solutions by pushing back against higher up authorities which are going against laws of liberty.

    I really like the ideas these people (Defy Tyrants) have. They also give other solutions which you give.

    The NPC video was really insightful (antifa is just an idea so we can’t talk people harming others). I think we should still try and let people know about liberty and freedom (as Larken Rose still advocates for – as it is a better solution than fleeing/bloodshed) – but it is understandable if they do not hear as they don’t have the mind to hear.

    This all seems to be just human nature. In the old testament one of the solutions was to walk away. A solution you’ve given before.

    I’m looking forward to next week’s podcast!

  2. Hey Jack, I don’t call this episode doom and gloom, or any of your shows. I enjoy this type of podcast because they resonate with what I already believe and bring clarity and understanding to my brain. Your shows are multi subject/topic which allows you to appeal to a variety of listeners. Looking forward to the solution shows next week.

  3. Hi Jack, what’s the name of the Sprouts video you watched that wasn’t what you thought it would be?

  4. I work as an electrical estimator, and you’re spot on with it being almost a year to get the material to put on a roof for a building. We’re seeing 48 week lead times on switchgear and generators.

  5. Superior show. I have fwd’d it to many.

    Video link (below)The David Knight Show, is yet another prime example of what Jack discussed and how global gov’ts just play tennis, while we sit on the sidelines with our little heads going back and forth.
    Well…some do.
    We who are awake are busy doing constructive things.
    * Manufactured energy crisis is a weapon against the people just as lockdown was — and equally unnecessary and ineffective

    * Putin funded radical environmental groups in EU to make them energy dependent on Russia.

    * Chaos by Design: Russia did NOT default but USA will block any further payments

    * Biden touts his new federal case against revenge porn saying “everyone” has suffered from it. Were his son’s laptop & his daughter’s diary revenge?

    And much more in the show.

  6. Jack,
    Comment about your threatening ‘fan’. Years ago I got a conspiracy-themed comment posted to the CoasttoCoast AM website. Two weeks later someone tracked my info down and sent me a letter in the mail (no return address), telling me I was full of shit and that I would ‘be advised’ to change my tune and keep my mouth shut. Within a year I was doing podcasts and radio shows. Anyone who threatens me if I don’t shut my mouth just poured rocket fuel into my vocal chords. I know you respond the same way.

    My thoughts on intimidation is that people have passionate opinions, and often cannot verify or fool-proof their opinions with data and facts, therefore their passion requires them to fill in the absence of data with the threat of force in order to coerce others to their way of thinking. I don’t have a dog in the fight with the Russia/Ukraine thing. But in a contest as volatile as war, whenever one side gets a voice and the other doesn’t, and when the louder side tells you that the censored side doesn’t deserve to be heard, or that you’re a traitor for trying to be objective, it’s evidence of shadenfreude that shouldn’t be ignored.

    If you ask a question and people can’t answer your question, or that you’re a criminal/terrorist/traitor for asking the question, then 9 times out of 10 they are full of USDA grade cow doo-doo.

  7. Whether you are religious or not, (I am christian) the solution is a moral one. Love for fellow man is the answer. Yes we have governments, politicians, parties, laws etc…, but convincing yourself to care for others and others to care about each other is the only solution.

    • I am all for the power of love and I am also for a heaping dose of REALITY. Send love to the man pointing a gun at your children and you will likely watch your children die in front of you.

  8. Great podcast lots of truth, and logic. Not sure how we get to a point where enough people can think critically enough to turn this around. Especially when the government has a strangle hold on education / indoctrination. I suppose the stupid people will always outnumber the ones who can see reality.