Expert Council Q&A for 3-17-22 – Epi-3055 — 4 Comments

  1. Low tech solution to check if the cold chain has been broken in the freezer.
    1) Freeze a cup of water.
    2) Put a coin or pebble on top of the frozen ice in cup.
    3) If coin has dropped to bottom of the cup or is lodged in the middle of the ice do not eat food.

  2. I am also looking for a low tech tech solution for the refrigerator. There are some paraffin waxes that change state around 40 degrees. Perhaps one of these could be solid while in the fridge but if the fridge warms up something could drop into the melted liquid wax but I am not sure of the safety of paraffin wax.

    • _Food grade_ paraffin wax is safe to eat, but it’s solid at room temp. They spray a thin film on apples to make them shiny, so you’ve probably eaten plenty of it already. When I was a kid (back in the Jurassic era) they sold novelty oversized flavored wax lips and small wax bottles full of fruit flavored syrup for kids to eat. Nobody really liked them, but they were cheap and sugary, so obviously we ate all we could get.

      _NON food grade_ paraffin can have just about anything in it.