Outback with Jack – Episode – 3046 — 5 Comments

  1. Play here works for me but since Tuesday 3/1 I and others do not get new tsp episodes in apple podcast app.

  2. Note: You can add Amazon Music to the places that have your podcast. No ads – but I have Music unlimited, so I’m not sure what happens without.

  3. Good show as always, two comments.
    1) came to Texas March 30, 1952, when I was a young teenager, folks sold eggs for a while and you are right you really don’t need wash them as a matter of fact they are more apt become contaminated after washing. Wash with clean water and if you need more sprinkle a little baking soda on the egg and clean.
    2) As for what the U.S. of A. would be like after a SHTF incident think L.A. ,St.Louis,Chicago,Seattle and Portland riots on steroids. The infrastructure will be destroyed from within along with the majority of the indiviuals that built it or can rebuild it. Just thoughtd from an ole Texan