Outback with Jack – Episode – 3042 — 13 Comments

  1. If you’re getting worked up about Ukraine, it’s probably time to turn off the propaganda stream. You’re ‘debating’ and ‘theorizing’ over a giant stream of lies, from both sides. This is war. Truth is the first casualty.

    No matter where this is going, ‘being right’ isn’t going to help you or your family.

    Acting, in your own life, is.

    [this is the pot, reminding the kettle] =)

    glad you brought up the Kuwaiti baby story Jack. memories are VERY VERY short.

  2. Sprikov the Disinfo agent.


    Roger Stone is a Russian propagandist.

    You don’t know Ukrainian history

    You have sovok soviet mentality influencing you.

    • Ah ad hominem the lowest form and most mentally lazy of all logical fallacies. Well done, I am impressed.

      Also Roger Stone is the guy that got arrested for backing Trump, Oliver Stone makes movies. I mean really, for fuck sake. You can’t even get the guy’s name right.

  3. Could the real motive to have conflict in Ukraine is to create real or imagined shortages in food, fertilizer, energy etc? Big picture the ruling elites demand more control and what a easier way to get it than to have food and energy prices skyrocket.

  4. Jack, You are a jerk!!! I couldn’t get my husband to step back
    and rationally examine the Ukraine situation rather than spouting Fox like a parrot. I told we needed background info so we watched Ukraine on Fire. He is no longer a parrot … Thanks!

  5. Hi Jack, you mentioned strike to auto purchase bitcoin from your paycheck, I can’t seem to find that information. I’m sorry, I’m fairly technology illiterate. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thank you