Outback with Jack – Episode – 3036 — 9 Comments

  1. It’s understood you are speaking for America. America’s dumb politics are understood. No explanation is needed on how messed up America is.

    Mr. Spirko was able to fortunately monetize what his Ukrainian ancestors taught him. They taught him what they had to do to survive the Russians. There’s a failure in seeing it.

    What a disgrace to Ukrainians. Especially with your platform, your surname. You have no knowledge about Ukraine. Your knowledge about Ukraine is from Russian disinformation because you don’t trust your own media. Which was the active measure it was intended to be.

    You’ve done your Ukrainian ancestors a great disgrace.

    You had an opportunity.

    if you want some reading to do. I don’t see getting through to you.

    Putin’s Libertarians

    Russian Propaganda Dupes Libertarians

    Nine Lessons of Russian Propaganda

    If you knew Ukrainian history you would know about Russia’s imperialism. American has it’s own agenda that’s understood. That shouldn’t exclude Ukraine from anything.

    But you choose not to see Ukraine as independent or learn about Ukrainian history.

    Otherwise the content of this site is amazing.

    Try to get Roman Skaskiw on.

    • I know Russia’s history with Ukraine very well, period. I don’t need you telling me what my opinions should be about it.

      What was in history was one thing, what will be in the future is another. There is no benefit to Putin to invade Ukraine right now, none. I don’t trust Putin nor do I trust Russia, I accept that the state (no matter which) tends to act in its best interest.

      Bluntly West Ukraine agreed to leave East Ukraine’s break away provinces alone, this is not “Russian disinformation”, I mean do you work for the Clinton foundation or something? The Kiev accords are available for anyone to read and far more factual than any opinion piece.

      Lastly say I am wrong, say Russia is to invade Ukraine, there is NO US INTEREST in getting involved, period. I am not willing to have one US citizen give his life for Ukraine. My grand parents would agree and were far more in their minds citizens of the US than the Ukraine. And I am not saying to exclude Ukraine from anything but say NATO and frankly NATO need to go away in my view but if Europe wants it let Europe run it for itself.

      Bluntly Ukraine is a US partner they are not a US ally there is no alliance in place formally between the US and Ukraine. You think you want the US involved in this YOU DON’T you are the one lacking historical perspective. The glory days of intervention and WWII are long gone, every thing we have touched since that time we have made WORSE. Asking for US intervention in your nation today is asking for destruction. Just ask anyone we “helped” with our military after 1945.

      Most of this shit would likely not be going on if the US has kept its word to Russia, remember, “not one inch more” in regard to NATO. Sine we made that promise we have admitted about 900 million more people into NATO and any one of many of these not quite stable nations could literally cause WWIII.

    • Deleted what, what the fuck are you talking about. Your comment and my response to it are above. Now you made your first comment with a ton of links so it went into moderation. You were sure you knew a thing and you were 100% wrong. Imagine that, it is possible that you are wrong and more that you don’t even understand the other side in this discussion.

      The governments of the discussed nations are both very corrupt, the US has enough government corruption to worry about. I say we fix our shit and you fix yours. As Jefferson said and we never apparently heard….

      “Alliances with none, commerce with all.”

  2. Hi Jack,
    your comments are a little off about HIV. I have read about the new strain, 109 known cases in Netherlands and Uganda- out of 30 million people with HIV. It does respond well to treatment.
    The US has been recommending people get screened once in their life time, or more if high risk for over 15 years. Prince Harry’s comments are not new, he was on an HIV podcast when he made the testing comment last week.
    As for the Covid vaccine- it was UQ- CSL v451 that does have proteins of HIV in it. It does not have HIV in it. Only 241 doses were given, and the patients were made aware of the false positive HIV test possibly up front. That vaccine was discontinued after that issue occurred.

  3. you didn’t put my other comment up.

    know you’re on the wrong side of history. Wrong side of Ukraine.

    • I don’t put up comments. However when someone puts half a dozen or more links in a comment it often gets filtered, you seem to do this constantly.

      One more time I DON’T FEEL THE US HAS ANY INTEREST in Ukraine that is truly in the best interest of America’s citizens. There are almost 200 nations in the world, at any given time 25% are fucking with 25% of them. Are we supposed to fix all this? The last thing any nation should want is America’s help.

      What is going to happen is likely Luhansk and Donetsk will use this to declare full independence. The less the US does the more likely you are to end up with a small independent republic there. The more we do the more likely another Crimean annexation is likely to occur.

      I don’t know why you people can’t understand that non intervention is the best policy for the US. Luhansk and Donetsk don’t want to be part of Ukraine, honestly if you knew history as you claim you’d know that. I figure some day Texas may not want to be part of the US and I feel we in Texas retain the right to do that. I am simply consistent in my beliefs, it is principle over preference.

      Fucking Russian citizens have more liberty than those in Canada right now. The US is invaded daily with people walking across the border and helped by our government to spread out across my nation with free dead of night airplane rides and I am supposed to be concerned about a centuries old ethnic squabble? No sorry you fix your own shit.

      Now let me guess this is all “Russian disinformation” right? I mean Ukraine is not a fuckin Nazi 2.0 nation on the rise right? Ukraine troops did not fight in Germany right up till Hitler blew his brains out and even the most dedicated German troops had marched east to surrender to the Allies? Never happened right?

      FWIW I have been saying Ukraine is the “next Nazi Germany” on air since about 2011. Why I have a friend who is former KGB living abroad after the breakup who is also from Ukraine.

      But is it’s all “Russian disinformation” right just like say Hunter Biden’s laptop right?