Out Back with Jack – Epi-3021 — 14 Comments

  1. Book code/ AKA Elmermandorf, Most Excellent! and less resource intensive than using “One Time”pads.

    Try searching for One time pads. office of strategic studies. 🙂

  2. The outback with Jack episodes are my favorite. Tons of good stuff condensed into single serving portion. Stoked that you talk bout kovid stuff. Just bout my first 200 bucks worth of bitcoin while it’s down. It’s difficult to not constantly watch the bitcoin ticket but I keep hearing Jack say…quit looking at that dumbass, it’s a 100 year asset….much love from Montana. God bless everyone

  3. I’m not a flat earther. But one thing they bring up that does seem strange is all the flight paths they present. Assuming they aren’t lying about the public available flight paths…..The distance they would travel if its a ball earth is way longer than those same flight paths on a flat earth map. I can’t explain it. But also at least flat earthers don’t want to inject me with experimental things.

  4. Meat Loaf was huge in Europe in the 1980 & again in late 1990s
    I had always believed he was from the UK.

    Funny that about the tape deck in the car.
    I remember the casette eventually getting tangled in the car stereo’s tape deck pully wheels from repeatedly playing it.

  5. Jack I must disagree with you about men being the ones most susceptible to insane theories like flat earth to be the “heroes.” Truth is its both genders. On the women side you have the numerous genders theory which I would say is equally as insane as the flat earth. If you look at videos and articles that are in favor of numerous genders, they are typically done by women. Feminism in general is another example. Truth is both genders try to be the hero of society. It’s just as a society we tend to ignore women and levy any criticism towards men.

    The Mary Sue character that the guy was talking about is a character that is unjustifiably powerful like if you could fly a 747 despite having no training at all or pick up a sword for the first time and beat an expert swordsman. Caption marvel and ray from Star Wars are examples and are typically made by women to satisfy their “hero” fantasies

    • I find these two things to be entirely different.

      First plenty of the soy boy academics spout this shit, I see almost ZERO women spout flat earth crap.

      Also making it night and day these stupid multi gender theory is not something these people come up with on their own, they are specifically taught in what used to be legitimate schools. It is that false credibility that lends authority to the beliefs.

  6. Hi Jack,

    I’m at the point of needing to put together a new curriculum for my daughter. I couldn’t find an option for class only for Acellus. It seems like the only options are to pay for the whole shabang (monthly or yearly) or to go through the scholarship program.

    I’m going to keep researching around to see if I can find that but if you have any additional information on it I would really appreciate to see it. I do the full schooling for my daughter now so I don’t really need the documentation or support.


        • Thanks for beating the drum on it. It is a small fee of $25. We are going to check it out. I have 3 kids so for me doing math is the hardest as it needs more attention, which if you ask any 9 yr old girl, it is impossible to give when you have 2 little brothers.