Out Back with Jack – Epi-3004 — 3 Comments

  1. I absolutely love your current event shows. Your take on so many things aligns perfectly with my beliefs. Merry Christmas.

  2. Jack has a good video series on growing Kratky style indoors. I made mine exactly as he described. The only thing I have changed is that I upgraded to a 5 shelf steel baker’s rack from Costco so I could grow more and the 4 ft Barrina lights. I also start my seeds in the Parks Biodome but have also started seeds in Roto Rooters in the net cup before I had the biodome and worked fine. You can lift the biodome plant plugs out and place right into net cup. The biodome plugs are a little cheaper but when Roto Rooters are on sale, likely a wash. I grow lettuce (loose and romaine), chard, arugula, bok choy, kale and herbs. I have plunked a supermarket-bought basil in the system and it is still going strong. The two cresses I have had 100% germination with are from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and they are Belle Isle (Upland Cress, #71307) and Watercress (#71219).

    I have a constant problem with aphids. I spritzed them with soapy water but the only thing that really seems to work is to take the trays outside and hose them off with a gentle spray or same in the sink. It is a bit tiresome but only have to do it once a week and worth it for the fresh greens and independence.

    I will also post this under Jack’s Kratky article in case it helps.

  3. Dr McCullough is my go-to source for all things covid and The McCullough report is a great podcast to listen to. He’s very careful to speak only about what’s been researched and that has allowed him to stay out of the fact chuckers claws – mostly.

    It’d be neat to hear him on your show!