Out Back with Jack – Epi-2983 — 2 Comments

  1. Hey now-

    My UTG comments on the Fidelity Report to Institutional Investors re Bitcoin and the standard S – curve model for technology adoption were mis understood.

    The gist is- IF bitcoin follows the standard S- Curve adoption model, THEN the mathematics of supply and demand of having 90% of Americans actively using bitcoin- will put Bitcoin at 10MM +/- in 2030 and 100MM in 2035.

    All technology since the end of WWII has followed the same basic path.

    Measured in TIME. The amount of years it takes from a products existence. To 10% adoption by the population is THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME that it will take the same population to move from 10% to 90% adoption of the new tech.

    Smartphones, fax machines, pagers, hybrid cars, all of it. Bitcoin is a tech and is ON TIME.

    On UTG I said they probably got the dollars wrong a bit a few million here or there. But the point was the adoption model. And the consequences that will follow. ON TIME. Because you can’t change that. It’s on a path that spits out coins on a schedule.

    That’s why I said on an earlier episode. Denominating things in Bitcoin will be linguistically the next step. Cars, diamonds, flat screen TVs. How many Bitcoin. Not how many dollars. Then online around the world. We will all think in the same base units.

    Hold on. Synchronization is coming.

  2. My sister lives near Drumheller AB where there’s a building in the middle of no-where known to be a Bitcoin plant. I didn’t understand what she was talking about until you said that they are using the waste to mine Bitcoin. It’s all top secret apparently. Drumheller area has lots of sour gas that they burn off … use to be that you would see flames dotting the country side. That’s an awesome use of a waste product unlike fluoride!