Out Back with Jack – Epi-3028 – The Survival Podcast — 6 Comments

  1. Haha. I love that you referenced Salty cracker. Been following him for a while now. Always good for lolz.

  2. I actually followed Mike Adams articles back in 2005. He was into the truth then. Now he’s a total alarmist who sold out for the money. He sells MRE’s and acts like you could live for a year on them. If you ever looked at the ingredients on those you might be surprised. Total chemicals. I think they are more for temporary situations then your main food source. Great show again Jack.

    • I lived on MREs alone for 60 days on one deployment. On another I lived on two cooked meals and 1 MRE a day for 197 days. They absolutely will keep you alive and EVERYTHING is made of “chemicals” water is a chemical.

      Don’t get me wrong, tons of garbage in them but you can survive on them. When you go to Ranger School’s RIP program (basically a test to get into Ranger School kinda like BUDS for SEALS) you live on one MRE a day for almost the entire time. That was 4 weeks when I was a solider and it is 8 weeks now.

      NOTE – I am not and was never a Ranger and did not even go to RIP. I was like all at Airborne School told about it and coaxed by recruiters. One of many reasons I said FUCK NO was this living on MREs crap. To get in I would have also had to of extended my enlistment. I just know about it, that is why I bring it up here.

      So yea Adams is scum, Adams is a huckster, Adams is a con man, Adams is a yellow journalist but he is not wrong that you can live in MREs. Also I don’t think he was ever worried about truth. I just think he was more clever about hiding it back in the day.

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