Out Back with Jack – Epi-3011 — 5 Comments

  1. Jack regarding one of the comments at the end of you Outback live stream, about a job and the covaids mandates,Chris Martenson had an attorney on his most recent podcast that might give people some specific ideas on dealing with employers.

  2. It’s us and them except a large majority of people have bought into many of the narratives and gotten vaccinated for instance. Many others probably remain strongly anti conspiracy. To point out these things that you are saying sounds conspiratorial and they have a very hard time with accepting that and always seem to. Human psychology and behavior seems to sometimes perpetuate these types of patterns and to perpetuate the same things. People can be manipulated and compartmentalized using various incentives such as monetary rewards for declaring Covid deaths etc, just one small example. We are afraid to point out theses things sometimes because the force of dogma and demonization against these conspiracy sounding claims is incredibly prevalent and deeply ingrained

  3. Your the F**cling best dude! Always love it when you get fired and the A ( anarchist) spirit gets hot! 1:17- the end had me smiling ear to ear!
    Ive been saying we are in the apocalypse since about 1986. And I meant it in the exact way you so eloquently explained today.
    By the way, I am one of those Anarchist that has been one since before I could vote. Admittedly I came into this when my only exposure was a very left flavor of A, but even at 16-18 I clashed with the early PC Woke anarchist, that were reactionary anti cop, military and the like.
    My father was preaching permaculture in those same years ( may he RIP.
    Anyway, blessings, and thanks for the fire???