No TSP Today — 18 Comments

  1. Congrations, Hope all goes well. I have a vision of Jack lighting a fire in the middle of the hospital lawn with gathered firewood and salvaged pallets, boiling water for the nurse, later cooking a locally hunted rabbit in a cast iron skillet for dinner celebrations, topped off with wild herbs from the among the flowers and a few dandelions for tea. The little girl will be on her feet within an hour and practice shooting at a tree stunp with Jack’s .22. I think she will be will be fully independant and ready to hunt bears for their fur by night fall. A real little survivor. I think she deserves free lifelong membership of the TSP community, I look forward to hearing her first presentation. All the best from Ireland, Europe where we are busy trying out Jack’s survival technigues for survival and fun.

  2. Such a fantastic reason to postpone a show – sending thoughts of strength, love, joy and health to all concerned. Tegan, you’ve been born into a wonderful family!

  3. Congratulations!! Welcome to the world Tegan!! What a lovely name you have!