No TSP This Week — 7 Comments

  1. Jack enjoy , will miss new show but this will give me a chance to catch up on some older shows and replay some as will [re fresher]. I was looking forward to this years Veterans day show, but I can play and share last years.
    thanks for everything you do Jack

  2. Would you like me to do the podcast while you are away?
    There’s plenty of interesting people and perspectives out here. Could give the show a bit more international appeal.

    Frank from sunny Western Australia

    • It would take me more work to have guest hosts then it would to do my show myself. I think anyone who wants to podcast should in the words of the great nike, just do it.

  3. Could a person make much of a go of it by starting a guest podcast and letting people guest host for a small fee? I think it would be hard to get much of an audience but it would be like a self published book thing. Make money on the fee the guest would be asked to pay. It would give people a chance to see if they could fill up a hour talking and would let them point to it so others could hear it.

    Or is the unseen part of running a podcast a lot more work then I imagine?

    thanks if you have any thought on this.

  4. @ Horacio: It could be a contest and be called “American Podcast” (instead of “American Idol”) … *grin* Just might actually work for future generations of increasingly internet-addicted people. (The Matrix is being built around us!)

  5. I reckon before you go on a trip you could invite listeners to send in their own shows using your patter and formula. If you deem any good enough then you could have them available to those who want to listen to a podcast and/or cannot get to one of your other activities.
    I would stop these weeks of nothing to listen to on the way to work.
    (Yes I have listened to and memorised all of your shows!).