No Show Today – My Apologies — 24 Comments

  1. hey jack im a new to tsp and let me say I love this . I did not know that there more ppl in the world just like me ,to know im not alone in this why of tinking as well living thanks for all you do . your new friend ronald from miami fl 33014

  2. So now that I have listened to you I found out that the email I sent completely disregarded everything you stated in order for it to be read I will now attempt a much abbreviated question:

    I am looking for advice on how and what I should be doing to help secure our property. Step by step on what I should be addressing first and so on. I have no military background or training in this area so I am looking for basic advice. I have talked to several people who have strategically built things on their property, placed large boulders in some areas to provide hard cover and planted trees that allow very little visibility into the property and so on.

    I have done some of the basics: Locks on gates and doors, security lights.


  3. Jack, when I was a high school teacher, I used to keep a couple emergency lesson plans backed up in my desk for a substitute if I had to call in sick.

    Maybe you can have an unpublished show or two in the can just in case something like this happens?

    Frankly, I think you should have an emergency “72 hr kit” of shows in reserve just in case.

    I dunno, just this principle I picked up from a podcast host.

    Love the show!

  4. Thank God…I can try to get caught up.

    Seriously, you deserve a break every now and then.

  5. C’MON! This is ridiculous man! People learn to depend on you for a show each day! This is just bad… I mean, it would be different if there were, like, 800 previous information packed shows we could listen to or something….

    …oh… wait… hmm… my bad.

    Although, I see a parallel here between you recording shows and publishing them the same day and our current food supply system. A “Just-in-time” system is subject to failures in any case. Today its no TSP, tomorrow it could be no frozen quiche lorraines on the shelves at Wal-Mart…

  6. Hey brother,
    Don’t sweat it, shit happens, so enjoy the rest of the day. I would have said sit back and relax, but I know you will still bust your ass for us some other way.


  7. Anyone have anything for a person going thru withdrawals from no TSP LOL, enjoy your company check you out tomorrow Jack.. Cya Brent

  8. I am sure out of 800+ shows there is at least one previous show you junkies have missed…

    Myself, I am going to browse the “tags” on the right side banner and select something interesting to listen too.

  9. A random button would be cool : ) Was going through some of the older ones and listened to the underrated rifle caliber show. Now I’m looking for a Swedish mouser.

  10. have a rest old mate! you put so much into the show

    as they say “uncomposted defecatory material occurs spontaneously”

  11. Hi Jack: I finally bought an MP3 player to listen to your podcast. I simply don’t have time to sit & stare at the computer while I listen. So, now I can go to bed, listen to your show and not wake my husband. The only problem is that when I finally fall asleep…. I don’t know at what point in the program I became incoherant. HA !
    I love your podcast. Thanks. Ann

  12. Hey Jack… Maybe you could put together a few more money saving tip shows that you have in the “can” for a rainy day like today.

  13. No problem Jack. I found an old episode I had missing on the Appleseed project. I’m looking forward to my first one this year with my fiance’