No Show Today 7-31-09 — 13 Comments

  1. I think I'm getting addicted to this damned podcast… 🙂 I miss it when it doesn't happen!!


  2. I'm a confirmed addict. A weekend edition would be great if you have the time and energy.

  3. Definitely an addict. Even though I know it doesn't come online until lunchtime, I check for it periodically all morning long.

  4. Jack, perhaps this would be monthly-once a month over view of the events-national, state, local, inbtrational that create the nee for prepping.

    Something to think about.

    best wishes.

    Lawrenced Roberge

  5. Well Jack, missing one day, what are you thinking. Just kidding man!!! I just found your pod cast not to long ago, and also a supporting member. I have plenty to catch up on. Thanks for the hard work… Don't forget to check the email suggestion I sent you.


  6. I love to listen your show, but can't begrudge you one day… Like someone else said, take the weekends off and be with your wife and kid(s). I find there's a lot of stuff to glean from episodes I've already listened to…if I decide I need a "fix".

    Have a good weekend.

    –Josh Farr

  7. Well, I vote for a weekend edition. I know it wasn't put up for a vote, but days without a new episode of the survival podcast seem to last forever. I listen to the show on my way home from work, and I work on the weekends. The only stuff I can stand to listen to is libertarian-minded talk, and that means I gotta find it on the internet, and let me tell you, most of that stuff is alex jones and his clones.

    • Hank -try some fiction from – totally free, lots of selection, some of the authors are really good. I really like Scott Sigler (horror), JC Hutchins (thriller), Bill Desmet (thriller) and Basil Sands (military action).

      They have non-fiction too but the selection is very limited.

  8. Hey Jack, found your show last week and I really like it. Curious what you would do in my situation… my husband (28) and me (26) live in California and we've been saving up our money the last five years and we have $130,000 and no debt. We rent an apartment right now and want to buy a house with some land, but the prices in our area are steep. We have a lot of disposable income that we are just saving. Our plan right now is to continue taking advantage of the pay in California and keep socking money away for a couple more years and then take our money to another state where we can get more bang for our buck. Do you think this is a good move or should we just go ahead and buy now? It would be nice to be able to buy a house with at least 1/2 acre for cash right out… instead of hanging around California and getting enslaved with a $600,000 McMansion with a postage stamp size of land like everyone else here seems to do. What do you think? Tell us what to do and we'll do it!!! (ha, just kidding) But seriously, any thoughts?