No Show Today — 12 Comments

  1. Well hell, I guess I will go have an aged sour mash corn tincture to help with the depression.

  2. The three word sentence: “No show today” is one of my least favorites, right after “I am pregnant.”

  3. Ain’t modern technology just great. Well yes sometimes it is and sometimes it really stinks. Your shows do help educate us and keep us moving this freight down the highway and dreaming of our farm stead we are going to try and do when we quit driving over the road. In less than 3 years. Better luck next time.

  4. Tech is great when it works. I know, old, crappy cliche but it’s true.

    I hope you recover the file or get to do the interview again. Sounds like an excellent topic.

  5. Guess that 10,000 hours thing may not be true after all. Just kidding, Sh*t happens.

  6. What no back up? What happened to 2 is 1 and and 1 is none?

    Just kidding. We’ll just have to deal with it. Maybe I’ll watch Fox news instead, agh!

  7. Jack we understand. Thanks for all you do and no worries. It’s just a fact of life that some days the bear wins.

  8. Maybe ask your video guy about a mixing board? It seems to me that it should be possible to run your speaker out and mic in for the PC running skype through a mixing board, and then have an combined out that could be plugged directly into another recording device, like your other computer or an MP3 player.

  9. That’s a real donkey. I work in tech, and believe me, it happens, and has happened enough to leverage redundancy in every recording stage. Add a Zoom recorder, record at 96kHz, and you’ll have a week of recording time on an 8gb SD card. Clear it off when you know your HDD version is tight. One last thing Jack, a huge ongoing congratulations for the eternally amazing job you’re doing, and simply winning at life!!!