No Show Today — 26 Comments

  1. So sorry you aren’t feeling well. I hope you can rest and relax and heal up.

  2. After listening to yesterdays show, are you sure you’re not headed down to the beach to do some fishin’? I hear that can be a great cure for the crud.
    Feel better buddy! – Jesse in San Diego

  3. So… you even catch crud when just driving to an airport, not even flying? You sir need to stay away from planes! Get well soon.

  4. Your probably just cleaning up after the week with out the wife. Haha Feel better bro.

  5. Don’t feel back Brother. You do such a great job that we should set dates for you to rest. Down time is great time to brainstorm of future ideas. I look forward to what ideas get processed today.

  6. Sorry to hear that Jack. Hope Mrs. D is able to gibe you lots of TLC!
    Get well soon!

  7. Apply the juice of several freshly squeezed Bourbons, taken internally. Works wonders.

  8. Yup, that damn “wife outta town gone fishing” fever is going around. I had it bad two weeks ago. Funny mine hit Friday too. Feel better soon bro.

    • I wish it was that. Man I really am sick been pretty much on my back since Thursday afternoon.

  9. Felt like crud for a couple days, turned out to be strep throat but without the throat symptoms. Didnt know that could happen until I realized my recently reclused 17 year old son said he had been having the same symptoms plus the throat blisters. We both started Zpacks and were both feeling better right away. Seems to be going around this past week.