No Show Today — 11 Comments

    • Good podcast but my skin was crawling every time he mentioned getting the USDA “grants” Something to the tune of $135,000… Talk about redistribution of wealth, even if it is for a “good cause” Yick.

    • Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t know ‘Voices had a podcast. Some of their topics look worthwhile to listen to.

  1. Although I’ll miss a new episode, I really enjoy picking an episode in the archives to catch up on.
    Hope things are okay on the homestead Jack.

  2. Was wondering if my podkicker app wasn’t working on my night drive tonight til I was able to check the webpage…. oh well got caught up on some chicken thistle coopcasts (TSP always comes first though!) . Looking forward to listening to some more tsp next week!

  3. Is anyone else having trouble getting past Geoff’s first page? I enter my email and it does not forward me anywhere. Just an error.