No Show Today — 44 Comments

  1. What are you using for your internet? You might be able to prepare for loss of internet by putting your router on battery backup (or off your generator). But, it depends on how you are getting things in: Cable, DSL, FiOS, satellite, etc.

    • Everything is down, I have plenty of back up power but Cable, internet, phone, all down, that explosion took out everything routed over that pole.

    • wow! that sucks. If you have an android phone, you can easily tether through USB. or, most carriers have a wifi hotspot that you can get from them (though that costs an additional $40 – 50/month). When I travel (or my home internet drops), I normally just tether my android and it does the trick.

  2. Best wishes of a quick recovery to Dorothy. Great time for a practice run and an AAR at the new homestead.

  3. Take care of your wife and don’t worry about us…plenty of back shows to listen to.

  4. tell her we’re all wishing her the best & praying for her to feel better

  5. Get well soon Dorothy! We’ll be thinking of you and saying a prayer or two.
    As for the rest….can’t say you’re not prepared! HOOT!!

  6. Jack, even when you have a mini SHTF (just as important to be prepared for as the big one) you still find time for your community. This is why we luv ya! Best wishes to Dorothy.

  7. Best wishes for Dorothy. She’ll be in our thoughts and prayers today.

  8. Sorry Jack – I hate days like that. I do hope Dorothy is ok!! Take care of your family, I think we can manage a day πŸ˜‰

  9. Please, take all the time you need. We will be here when you return. Good luck with the family and hope everything goes well.

  10. Hope Dorothy is better soon. Charlie too. We’ll miss our daily dose but family comes first.

  11. damn, what a day your havin. hope Dorothy is ok. i’m sure we can get by.

  12. Take care of the family, If you need something holler. Resupply from Centex is too easy.

  13. No worries here, Jack. Family first. Best wishes to Dorothy for a speedy recovery!

  14. Jack,
    I hope Dorothy is better and the rest of your family as well, Today’s “Stuff” is a lessons learned/ funn haha later. Blessings,


  15. Praying for Dorothy and you both. Family is always first. We have plenty of shows to lessen to. Don’t worry about us. Just take care of the family.

  16. Get well quick, Dorothy! Charlie, no cookie! Take care of the family Jack, we’ll wait here ’til you’re back.

  17. Here’s a wish for Dorothy to feel better.

    BTW: If the sound was similar to a shotgun blast and there are many residences out of power, then it was a line fuse. If the sound was more like a 22 cal shot and only a small number of residences are out of power, it was probably a transformer fuse. (It is rare for an actual transformer to blow.)


    • Well we are back on but it took all day and was more like dynamite then any gunshot. I have heard it before (in regard to both electric and yea I played with actual dynamite as a kid like most in the coal region). Based on my experience a transformer blew and blew up as in “blown up sir” in my best Bill Murray voice. It was a long rumble almost like a close thunder rumble except the storm was gone when it happened. It was the kind of boom you both hear and feel. ine

      Given the distance between phone and cable from the electric on the lines around here it must have taken the top off a pole! I would have went looking for it if I didn’t have to take care of a sick wife today.

  18. Family comes first!! My fervent wishes for Dorothy’s rapid recovery and getting your power back on, too.

  19. Jack, I hope Dorothy gets well soon. I too am a firm believer that things come in 3’s, sounds like you got them out of the way pretty quick. You and yours are in our thoughts.

  20. Jack, I’m getting the shakes and all not being able to get a show today!! LOL I got past shows that are still great and Zello to help me get in my daily TSP fix. It probably wont help to get shows out in the future but I don’t have “standard” internet I have hotspot on my phone which allows me to use my phone as a wifi modem. It works great for downloading the shows and using zello, palringo, and other general web browsing.

  21. Dang—I guess I got to go back out to work and finish the deck—get ell soon Dorothy

  22. In Galveston, (or any town on the gulf coast) having transformers blow up/catch fire is a fairly common occurrence. They get salt pollution on the inside that slowly corrodes away the contacts, until… BOOM! Bad news for a retirement condo with no backup generator for the elevators.

    Hopefully all will have worked itself out by tomorrow.

  23. Jack, I just got your update via dogsled courier up here in “The Great White North.”
    When I didn’t get your podcast today after 3 “refreshes” of my podcast app., I thought: “Oh no, they shut’m down!”
    After reading your post, I’m confused:
    Are you saying that you think the pile in the hallway must have come from YOU and not Charlie? If so, I truly hope that was a “one off” and YOU ARE done for the day. “Bad Jack! Bad!”
    Get well wishes for Dorothy.

  24. As they say, I’m sure it was, “like it never happened” real soon in your house with your diuble-backed up back up systems… Hope your bride feels better soon…

    • The power was a non issue, just a PITA is all. The bigger issue was no internet, usually you loose one not both, than her illness on top of that. We are not sure what she has, seems like a kidney infection but she is clearly on the mend. Not fully better yet but MUCH better then the past few days. I could literally see her improving by the hour yesterday. Two big shots of antibiotics in the ass two days in a row will do that for you sometimes.

  25. As others have said take care of the wife first. It is a good thing you are prepared Jack, you are an unlucky victim of power outages and other mini disasters more often than most people probably think is possible. Your preps are definitely paying for themselves. Send along our get well wishes to Dorothy.

  26. Hope Dorothy is feeling better. Not that you won’t, but anyone who doesn’t understand you taking a break to take care of family… let them know where they can go.

    I appreciate your dedication to your listeners but also realize your true duty is to family first. Exemplifying how to deal with the mini issues that pop up all the time is awesome. Never a victim and always ready. My campfire is always open for you and Dorothy. Michigan craft beer included.

  27. I hope Dorothy’s illness is not serious and that she recovers quickly. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both!

  28. We can rebuild her: faster, stronger, we just don’t want to spend a lot of money…

    Prayed for you both, and I hope for a speedy recovery.