No Show Today 3-1-13 — 31 Comments

  1. Prolly airplane germs from your trip to NH. Take care & get better & fingers crossed Dorothy doesn’t get it too.

  2. I hope we get to hear your secret for why state nullification is the only option soon 🙁

  3. Jack,

    Have you ever tried the Chinese method of dealing with cold/flu?

    They are teaching it now in acupuncture or herbal clinic. It doesn’t involve needles (many people afraid of needles) or fire like the moxibustion using the smoke. This is called Gua Sha. Just using a spoon.

    I found that method works best with cold/flu especially when there’s body ache. Looks bad but cut off major chunk of recovery time.

    If you are interested, Jack, email me and I will send you the pathways drawing.

  4. Dorothy would never let Jack slack! opps that rhymes
    Hope you feel better soon Jack! Looking forward to the news.

  5. You might want to try sucking on raw lemons. It’s a drill sergeant trick. There’s a lot of yelling involved, so instructors need to have something that works on sore throats. Hope this helps!

    • I’m sure I’ll hear something about “Lemons being available in Texas in February is part of the problem!”

      I agree. Now go suck a lemon. 🙂

  6. Don’t worry about us, or what we miss, you just get well, and come back stronger! Fluids, rest, and good thoughts.

  7. You probably got the crud from flying over NY.
    We are overflowing with it.

    You could always get in the Jetta and do the show and blame the quality on road noise

    • We did connect in NYC at LaGuardia Airport. So ummm, yea…. might be something to that, NYC Flu! It is interfering with both my life and my business so that adds up, LOL.

  8. Yes! My grandma also made sure that hot toddies were a home remedy that were passed down the generations. Feel better soon.

  9. Get well Jack. What are your thoughts on “Sequestration “?
    I did not think that they would let it happen but it did. The world did not end.

    • Bring it on, bring more of it, cut everything not just what they did this time, take at least 5% out of all the entitlements. Cap spending growth for 5 years after that. Cut the whole shitty mess by 1.3 trillion and balance the damn budget, we certianly can survive spending what we spent in 2007.

  10. Everybody I know has been hit with it – I have had mucous in my throat for about 2 wks, and some extent of soreness which is FINALLY going away. So I can empathize; get well soon.

  11. Try another “ancient Chinese” secret. Ginger tea. Just slice up raw ginger, boil in water, add honey or sugar, drink piping hot. Works great!

  12. A second to ginger tea- boil/ simmer it up – add honey to taste.
    This is a time for some carbs.
    I’ve been re- listening to past episodes as well in Feb.
    I’ll go stoke up the episode 610 too.

  13. I recommend Earl Grey and some Honey. Will make your throat feel much better.

    Get well soon.

  14. Next time you have to miss, could you repost a best of show. I listen with stitcher app and can not go back to listen to old shows.

  15. Nothing like breathing recirculated air on a plane to ensure some nasty bug. Vitamin C, and upgrade the quality of your whiskey by a minimum of two notches. Get well soon.

  16. @ blueyedmule – ahh “soju” ! You may still be sick but at least you won’t care!! 🙂 Kimchi could also help depending on the “heat” factor, capsaicin is a good blood purifier!.

    I’ve just been reading about the possible benefits of olive leaf extract (+ echinacea) as an antiviral, con anyone here comment on this. I caught the crud last weeek and just can’t shake it despite lysine, zinc, C, D and ech/goldenseal. Damn this is some NASTY stuff!

  17. I make a living with my voice, too. Get yourself some Entertainer’s Secret. It’s a spray. Pretty good stuff. Google.

    Hope you get to feeling better!