No Show for the Next Two Days — 9 Comments

  1. Check out some of the older TSP episodes everyone. Lots of great interviews and topics to choose from.

  2. *ALL* Of the previous Steven Harris episodes on powering your house from your car or a battery bank are listed at plus I have episodes on fuel and fuel storage, first aid, radios and communications and much more 🙂 Going into winter blizzard season, winter storm season, this is a good time to review your power preps. – Very Best, Steve

  3. Yes the I’ve probably listen to each of your episode about 20 times “not joking”. I’ve also purchase your videos and watch each one of them at least two times. Now I have a passion for back up power systems and that is one of the reasons why I’ve started my own podcast. You and Jack have inspired me. And just so no one gets mad I fully disclosed in the first two episodes that you and Jack are the reason I’m so passionate about power back up systems.

  4. Yes, I’m no one special but I fully endorse “All” of Stevens episodes that he’s done with Jack.

  5. lowwattliving is one of my best students !!! I’m always hearing from him about what he’s doing. A true example to everyone of what can be done.


  6. Jack – A few holidays back you set up the podcasts to auto post some favorite episode reruns. For those of us who are horrible at using our iphones and listened to you via the podcast app that daily downloads your show, is there anyway that this could be done again? If its too much of a hassle, I don’t mind listening to some other podcasts for awhile, but it sure was convenient.