No Show for Friday the 16th of Oct. — 9 Comments

  1. Actually I feel better today then I have all week. I had to get off my ass and drive over 100 miles to do a photo shoot for a project. I could have taped today but no way to edit, upload, etc. I am remote right now and soon to drive my ass another 100 miles back home. ATT Aircards rock though at least I can check in from the field.

  2. Oh no!! No show today??? What will I do??? lol

    Have a good day & I hope your weather is better than our cloudy, drizzly 45 degrees.

    See you Monday.

  3. Jack, take a break and recuperate. Don\\\\\\\’t wear yourself out for a show. Save your energy for some excellent road rage:)

    Get well soon.

  4. Hope your feeling better, and good luck on the Podcast nominations!!

    One suggestion, on the days you can’t do a show, maybe you could link 2 or 3 older shows that might apply to current discussions or were really noteworthy. Today I went back and listened to the Katrina show you did in July 2008, that was mentioned the other day!

    Thanks again for all you do!

  5. Your security code is too hard to read for older eyes like mine. 🙂

    Get better and I look forward to hearing from you on Monday or whenever you feel up to doing another podcast.

    Hope you don’t have the dreaded swine flu….

    Loading up some 6.5×55 Swedes for a trip to the range tomorrow. Love it.