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  1. @Greg I have NO IDEA what that comment means, further with the way it is made, I am not sure I care. Try emailing me with the specifics of what the hell you are talking about and if you can do it with out that tone, I will do what ever I can to help you.

  2. Jack,

    I remember you mentioned this a while back. Can you let us know the make and model of your mp3 recorder and why you chose it for podcasting. A friend of mine mentioned using a Sony recorder that does speech to text so you have a transcript of the show. Do you recommend this?

    2GB Walkman(R) MP3 Player/voice recorder/FM radio – $30?
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    For $30, retailed at 59, it has decent voice recording for the pinhole size mic. I’ve used one for back-up when court reporting. It’s about the size of a pack of gum or a cheap cig lighter. You can put it in your shirt pocket and record a conversation just fine. It may distort some if too close to the sound source, but for normal speaking it should be okay/tolerable.

    It’s best features are music or other audio playback and the FM radio, not the voice recorder. If you want a better quality voice recorder, they make several others. Best deal is the ICD-SX700D includes voice-to-text software for $200 here:

    But this one certainly is discreet and looks like an mp3 player. The mic is almost invisible. You could have the earplugs in your ears as if listening to tunes, but actually be recording.

    This is great little mp3 player, voice recorder and FM radio/recorder. I listen to all my news on podcasts using it – no commercials. I can plug the mp3 player into my car cd player/radio. When I get out of the car to shop, I use it with the earphones. It will start where you left off if you turn it off. The record function has 3 quality settings and can be used when needed in court or in other situations for protection of one’s rights/as a witness. Check the law for your state here

    No, I don’t work for Sony. This is just a good way to get real news, play your favorite music, protect yourself and break the habit of watching “news” infotainment/propaganda on the boob tube.

    Model Number: NWZ-B135FBLK 2GB Walkman® MP3 Player

    suggested news podcasts:

    Alex Jones – about $6/mo: Most outspoken talk show host on Family courts/CPS/Eugenics. Family court victims should subscribe to to support Alex Jones. He also exposes corporate media whoredom propaganda and the NWO, of which eugenics/family court corruption are just one aspect.

    Mike Malloy – about $6/mo: He’s an atheist, but righteously speaks truth about politics and exposes corporate media whoredom propaganda.

    Democracy Now – Amy Goodman

    Thom Hartmann
    Free podcasts:

    Randi Rhodes
    Free podcasts:

    I don’t agree with everything any of these folks say, but I find them to be the most truthful and courageous reporters out there.