No Show Again Today — 37 Comments

  1. I suggest that everyone click on the random episode link. There are truly some gems from the past on there.

  2. You know what we should do – we should post recommended back episodes that people listen to. If you are super new – go to the upper right and hover over “Welcome” and click “Shows for new listeners.”

    Besides those, does anyone have any great episodes they would recommend? I am working my way back through time, about one a night, and I’m back to mid 2012 I believe. I just listened to the one where he first talks about going to Texas.

  3. Yeah… Sure.. EricM, listen to the Steven Harris episodes with Jack. you can search for Steven Harris to find them or you can get them all at They are all about Energy You can USE NOW. How to power your house from your car and much more. 🙂

    GET Well Soon Jack… sorry to hear your are sick.

    • Well, there are other great shows out there, but I must admit that yours are still my favorites! (If it seems I’m seeking brownie points, it’s true. You’ve answered a lot of my questions, and I’m probably gonna come up with more)

  4. Get well soon Jack, plenty of garlic, ecinacea, comfrey, seaberry and ginger 🙂

  5. Jack,

    Take the time and heal up. There is no podcast if there is no Jack.

    Thanks for all that you do. Hope the rest of the family is doing well.

  6. It sounds like something I used to struggle with at least once a year. Excrutiating gas like pains, whenever I got sick.

    Then I started drinking raw milk, no more pains.

  7. Not a problem Jack get better from your cold. I was at Boy Scout Summer camp with my troop and I am a week behind. No cell reception. I was going through Survival Podcast withdrawals all week. So take your time recovering I have a week to catch up and archives to listen to.

    So take it easy and get fully recovered.

  8. Jack,

    My sister-in-law in Washington State and I here in New Mexico have been fighting something for over 2 weeks now. I have been on Cipro for 6 days now, and still hurting and yeah, the other end. When it hit me on the 4th of July weekend going up to Kieth’s in Colorado, I ended up sleeping for 2 days with fever in Bloomfield, NM. I didn’t eat for 4 days. I still have a mind fog, though that is getting better. But dayum, I sure wish I would get over this.

    Keep your chin up and get better.

  9. I think I have the same thing… Day three now. The pains are not nice! I’ve been dosing with essential oils and garlic. Not sure if it’s healping

    I was also wondering if it was Salmonella. Jack did you happen to eat any Foster Farms Chicken?

    • No frozen farms chicken at all. But I do have a ton of ducks and may have very well caused my own problem here. Describe the pain, does it radiate across the intestines?

      • Yes, the worst. Kept me in fetal position for couple days. And it came on fast. Stay hydrated and try to take in some probiotic food when you can. Paleo diet (which I do) tends to stay close on not enough probiotic food. Shows up when one gets under the weather. Hope you get well soon.

  10. Sorry to hear you’re still feeling under the weather. I have no idea what’s ailing you but have you tried making a garlic tonic? I swear by this remedy for all colds and flu related illnesses. Just make a garlic infusion in honey. Simple as that. I make mine really strong, where it will knock you over with how potent the garlic is because it’s more effective. The garlic will cure the illness. Steep for a few hours and remove garlic from the honey. I take about 2-3 tsp at one time 3x a day. After the second day, the crud is gone completely. I also like elderberry syrup but find the garlic tonic is more effective for acute infections. Get well soon!

  11. Hey Jack,

    Do whatever you need to do to get back on your feet. WE NEED YOU. You have very contemporary solutions for our current challenging times. I am amazed as to how well you analyse what is going on and come up with the proper response. And that is coming from someone whose business is research and consultation.

    An old girlfriend (she is not really “old” at heart) always said a good shot of brandy will cure whatever.

    I still resort to such things, when being “down” but self-prescribe Natural remedies like walnuts, which have shrunk tumors (photographed, yet, unfortunately, not biopsied as cancerous ).

    Plus, you particularly would be proud in the fact that while I will be 70 in December, I do not take any prescription medications!

    Further, I still am very active in business, in that several companies continue in asking that I represent them, including in areas of energy in a grid-down situation.

    Beyond that, I whole heartedly support PermaEthos as a founding member, hoping to bring all of that here to the Caribbean, where imported food stocks have put local agriculture on the back shelf. In fact, today, I could not help contain my enthusiasm, about our flagship Elijah Springs PermaEthos talking with a local “trail mix” vendor with some, but not all ingredients, being locally grown, about our Elijah Springs farm and the PermaEthos concept – he was inspired. My desire is to bring back agriculture to the USVI and the rest of the Caribbean island state community.

    So, Jack, throttle back a bit so you can get back to your researched, inspired work which obviously is very well received.


  12. Get well Jack..I was on vacation all last week so I will listen to one of those shows on my commute to work.

  13. Hey Jack,

    Get well soon my friend. Hope your problem isn’t your healthy Paleo diet! I’m in my 70s and “surviving” on scotch.

  14. Hey Jack, get well soon. Take all the time you need to get over this stuff, sounds like rest is going to help. See you when you’re better.

  15. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather, Jack. I’ve got the best remedy for you. Sirloin steak, side of buttered baked potato, and down it with a fifth of Jack Daniels. You’ll be ready to take on the world in no time. XD

  16. Well I hope you get well soon in the mean time and for the future, look into Collodial Silver and Gold. CS is the only natural ingredient that kills all 650,000 pathogens. It does NOT kill the good bacteria because good bacteria has a very thick membrane as bad bacteria is thin and the silver can penetrate and kill it. Its also easy and very inexpensive to make. Lots of videos on YT to show you how. Even good for asthmatics if you use a Nebulizer but not the one with all the hoses (itll waste it) Get one that you lay your face into and breath in the steam or a nasal spray works good and easier to carry with you…Feel better! 🙂

  17. Sounds…uh…crappy. Norovirus laid my whole family out right around Christmas so you have my deepest sympathy. Feel better soon and please don’t worry about your listeners – just rest. The show archive is deep, we’ll survive a light posting week. 🙂

  18. There are so many episodes to be enjoyed and that can be relistened to. I can live with out a new episode today. Please get well soon Jack.

  19. Feel better Jack.
    We had something similar rip through my workplace last month. I was down for 2 weeks, some folks ended up in the ER. It was the worst sickness ever.

  20. When I got sick with food I take activated charcoal to absorb the toxins with some reeds ginger ale to push it though, or some freshly grated ginger and honey as a tea.thanks for the insperation you give every day