Bitcoin is a Zero Risk Move – Epi-3512 — 4 Comments

  1. Mt. Gox distributions next month will get interesting. I’m hoping there is a lot of cashing out cause I’d love to buy more BTC around 55k or lower.

    • You know this is an impact that I should of talked about.

      Now here is a total conspiracy theory. No facts just a thought.

      What if the government sells the BTC to the central bank?

  2. Feels like a mini bear market. Notice how bad news catalysts (Mt. Gox, German gov selling BTC, etc) push prices lower, yet positive news (whales buying, ETF news, SEC stopping lawsuit against ETH, etc) don’t do squat in pushing prices higher. Bad news momentum with little to no positive prices with good news spell bear market to me.

    I hope I’m wrong. Still holding my altcoins and sold a little for profit this last spring before the dump. But summers usually suck in markets, and BTC seems tired with traders playing the chop/swing trade game. Probably lots more of that until fall/winter, when things could get exciting again.

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