No Friday Show Today — 41 Comments

  1. I’m dealing with the same thing here in Wisconsin just not as bad of a cough. Menthol and eucalyptus are wonderful things. (I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl, I just wish the St.Louis Blues were playing better.)

  2. Random idea: introduce occasional (once every 2 weeks maybe) shows that are made by trusted fans. I for one would enjoy Patriot Nurse Wednesday or Ron Hood Thursday, for instance. That way you could get more rest days and your fans get a chance to be a part of the show.

  3. If I was there, I’d give you one of the Horehound cough drops I made. They don’t taste great but they sure do bring up the phlegm.

    Get well soon Jack.

  4. Get well soon Jack,,We need your shows..I agree with the above comment. Maybe you need more rest and you could have Patriot Nurse or someone do a few shows for you. Get well and we support you from Maine. we over 120 inches of snow here so far…

  5. “No sympathy is desired or sought”

    Well I’m going to send sympathy anyway. What you gonna do about it tough guy?! 🙂

    Seriously, resting your voice will help it heal. So take a well earned break and get well soon.

  6. Hope you can get over this crap faster than I am! Gone through week 3 and going through week 4 with no signs of relief!

  7. To the folks suggesting letting others produce a few shows a week, not practical, not desired. I don’t think most people understand the discipline needed to do a show with any frequency.

  8. Sick here too. I don’t ususally get sick but my sinus has really been acting up, low grade temp at times, nose won’t quit running, cough. Here is praying that all that are under the weather will get well soon.

    Take care and God Bless!

  9. Hey Jack, hope the crud lets go of your voice soon!

    Since you were mentioning interviewees, I thought I’d request that you interview the guy from He’s putting out a podcast as a city boy first learning how to homestead, and I think that’d be a good perspective. He seems like a prepper too, from a few random comments.

    • Now don’t go using that socialist mentality of you have had enough because might I remind you that the NFL Championship wasn’t always called the Superbowl and if you look at who has the most Championships it is the packers with 12. So if we use the have won enough mentality……….

      • Socialist…good one. 🙂

        Technically you are correct on the championships, I’m just a stinking Cowboys fan and I know we’re not going to sniff another Super Bowl as long as Jerry runs the show. The Rooney family knows how to run a franchise.

  10. Hope your voice recovery is quick, but come on Jack, the Packers are the team to root for!!!!!

  11. @David, Darcy is good people. I’ve interviewed him on my podcast at

    I often refer people to his podcast as he is a young parent much like I am going to be and is very into natural child care, something I aspire towards

  12. Guess I’ll have to go back and relisten to the Herbal series to figure out what to take for TSP withdrawals. Feel better, Jack.

  13. No apology necessary, Jack! Dealing with exactly the same thing here. Lessons learned: None of us is invincible. There is a time for rest. Herbal remedies are awesome, but these things have a course to run. Your material is just getting better and better – thank you for all you do! Rest up and be well. We’ll be here when you have your voice back.

  14. Yea Jack!!! Thanks for sticking to your roots and the “Stillers”. We in the ‘Burgh apreciate the Steeler fans all over the country. We are on The Stairway to Seven!

    Hope you feel better.


  15. “No sympathy is desired or sought..” too bad you have mine anyway dude. =-) take care and it looks like a great line up for next week! Cheers from frozen El Paso TX.

  16. I’d suggest also one or more of the Dervaes gang at for an interesting interview – have been watching some of the vids on youtube (pathtofreedom). Pretty cool homesteading stuff.

  17. And if you have to take off Monday too we’ll survive. PUN! 😀

    Do what it takes to get better – I’ll be listening to the last few shows over & over anyway ’cause they were so packed with awesomeness & I’ll bet I’m not the only one. Take care, Jack!

  18. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Jack. Don’t worry about the shows. Plenty of good ones to replay. I’ll have a hot cup of tea with lemon and brandy in your honor.

  19. Thanks for keeping us posted, Jack. Not many people have the stamina you have demonstrated over the past 600 episodes. Hell, if you took a week off I wouldn’t blame you one bit. You have the luxury of setting your own schedule. Radio jocks rarely have that much control over their own lives. I hope your voice is getting stronger and you have figured out how to interpret the ‘feedback’ you are getting from your vocal chords. The only effective treatment for a worn-out voice box I found during my years as a radio dee-jay was complete and total silence on my part and dilute, warm citrus drinks. I’m sure you will find the right combination of rest, herbal remedies and relaxation to get you back behind the microphone. Take your time, I think I can find SOMETHING to listen to amongst the past 600 episodes!

  20. well, I am fighting a cough and voice issues also. As a newbie to your valuable information, I miss it when you are sick. I agree that a substitute would not be a good idea but I think for those of us who are late comers, if you suggested one of the archived podcasts which you consider important would be a good idea. As a member of the brigade, I want to make sure I listen to them all but since time is short any directions to specific ones would be appreciated.

    • @Johnnie, well there are episodes on almost anything you can imagine, why not pick a subject, plug in the search box and see what pops up.

  21. I’m not meaning to add fuel to the fire, but maybe you would like to hear what Alex Jones is saying about the Texas, and American blackouts these days. Couldn’t hurt to light a fire under America right now! As for the Podcast, I’ll miss it for however long it takes, but there are plenty I would like to go back and catch up on. Also, nobody else CAN do THIS Podcast like you can. I’ll just stop sending so much email, and you’ll have time to make a couple of extra ones. Even the best TV shows are allowed to do reruns out of season, to let the main players recoup. If it’s OK with you, Here’s the Jones link:!/video/video.php?v=1274774606490&oid=6499393458&comments

  22. This is bullshit!!!

    Just kidding Jack, get to feeling better, and keep warm. Thanks for all of the episodes you have provided so far, and thank you for the many more on the way.

  23. We find a warm toddy of lemon, honey, crown, and a bit of chammomile really soothes the throat. just a bit of a hint. not original in any way. but effective. besides the crown cant hurt right? salt water gargle was my folks cure for everything. i tend to lean towards popcicles. HA. thanks for the show.. best wishes for a speedy recovery

  24. As a fellow Steelers fan, what a disappointment that was..

    However what I found even more disappointing was only me and one other person (out of roughly 20 people at my friends house) even recognized that bubble headed bimbo screwing up our National Anthem…

    • @Frank,

      Actually I didn’t even notice it but ONLY because I was so disgusted by the “interpenetration” she was doing of it that I left the room. It sickens me when people do “their version” of the Anthem. It makes me want to scream at them it ISN’T your version assclown it is the NATION’S ANTHEM, not yours.

      I personally think you should have to be a true patriot to sing the Anthem at the most watched event of the year. I would rather hear a boy or girl scout who believes it sing it half off key then some recording artist that doesn’t really care.

  25. I found for that kind of serious coughing you need to drink carbonated soda….or water but no sugar….it seems to hydrate the throat

    Also if you have cats, it could be that ammonia urine smell, which triggers the attack…so a clean box and totally new litter helps.

    Also mold in the bathroom, or bathtub mat could be it…bleach works…Ok those work for me