Videos from Nine Mile Farm – 4-5-17 — 6 Comments

  1. Those ducks have grown really fast.
    My question may be already answered in the above program on rabbits which I intend to listen to tomorrow night, but just wondering can Rabbits be farmed loose to graze among Ducks and Geese or are there fights and injuries ? or issues of different diets needing to be segregated ?

        • You can tractor them but the bottom has to have slats or something. Or else they dig under and get out. We did it in WV and found that the slats would likely need replacing about once a season. They chew them and you have to use wood because rabbit urine corrodes metal, yea really.

          There is one gal doing it with hog panels some how and doing well with it. I reached out to her long ago to be on the show and she said, “I don’t know enough to do that”, the only fricken person doing something and making it work and she doesn’t know enough? Geeze.

          This is the damage to the psyche the modern education system has brought us!

          If you ask Paul Wheaton about it, he likely knows who she is.

  2. Excellent info, ( I had forgotten thst rabits like to burrow). I guess that as well as escaping they would make holes everywhere leaving little mounds of clay neading constant leveling.

  3. Good luck on the sandburs. We didn’t know until 3 days after we closed on our house and had been moving stuff in that we had sandburs and had been tracking them inside onto the carpet all that time! As far as mowing them super short – it seems that if you keep them mowed very short they either try to lay out flat on you or start putting out burs where the stalk is cut, basically creating a carpet of evil. I’ve been working on getting my grass healthy and thick enough to eventually keep them from coming up, but I’ve been working on them for 3 years. I try to avoid spraying chemicals but I’ve come to the conclusion that putting down some pre-emergent this year is about the only option I have left to make any headway against them. Goal is to keep as many as possible from coming up, increase fertility and encourage the grass, and I’m hoping next year they’ll be significantly reduced if not eliminated. If someone out there has a better proven way to deal with theee things I’d sure like to hear about it. If it were regular weeds I’d just add organic matter and work on fertility, but I can’t walk in my front yard without stopping to inspect my shoes and remove the offending balls of evil before walking to the un-contaminated back yard or inside, can’t play in the front yard, it’s basically useless. Sorry for the rant, I really hate these things.