New MSB Only Video – Episode Two – The Nine Mile Farmstead — 10 Comments

  1. In “The Backyard Duck Book” by Nyiri Murtagh he has a very good section on incubation problems but the best bit is a section on determining sex by altering the incubation temperature e.g. Rouen eggs held above 33.5 C come out as drakes and Pekin above 33 C come out as drakes. He believes this supports the theory that ducks are related to reptiles.

    • Interesting, so what is the recommended temp to be high enough for incubation but low enough to get mostly ducks vs. drakes?

  2. I was curious why your banner didn’t include the Agritrue logo? Seems like an easy way to promote them and spread the word of beyond organic.

  3. The NFA advice was spot on. The caller would need 2 tax stamps, one for the gun, and one for the suppressor. Since the gun is already an NFA article, being full auto, ATF don’t care what barrel length is on it. Having access to full auto M4s whenever I want, I have to say that after a magazine or 2 you are over it, and I can’t agree more that functionality the caller would be served just as well by getting a semi auto AR of quality construction then going through the process to make it an SBR. Then put a short barrel on it. Then do the same for the suppressor. That will save him about $20,000, with no real loss of functionality.

  4. Sir
    Why does your Honorable Wife not want to be on camera since she has a Passion for creating a home business selling eggs? For a starter.,.. I know… I’m somewhat behind on TSP due to mp3 player issues so maybe I am not up to speed.
    Last I heard was your Wife is creating a home business, finding her Passion and of that I wholly approve. But here you are on camera alone and she is not in evidence. Why?

  5. I am really enjoying the videos. Keep them going! I am also wanting to start up a similar little business to help supplement some income since I quit my full time job to stay home with the kids. I definitely want to get a backyard nursery going and have determined that’s my niche in permaculture. I like hearing the business end of things as well since I know nothing about that stuff. Thanks for all you do.

  6. HA! “Short answer, because she is a woman”
    pretty much says it all. I understand.
    Thank you for resonating.
    Ya, I used that word deliberately. Like tuning forks.
    Thanks Jack for teaching us and for being the good man you are.