Episode-2104- Nicole Sauce on the Prepping Mindset in Business — 8 Comments

    • Thanks so much, I hope I am doing okay for you this week. With my jacked up throat I am not on my A game. I said to my wife after Tuesday’s show, “I hope no one listens to that one as their first episode”.

      Fortunately Nicole was able to carry this one! She is a pretty awesome person.

  1. Your voice sounded great, Jack! Keep hitting the tea though. I used to resort to an herb (root) called bitter root back in the old days of singing more regularly.

  2. Nicole, if I wanted to store coffee, as a prep item, what’s the best way to do that? IN a freezer? And how long do you think it would last too?

    Just listening to a recent clip that Jack discussed about Puerto Rico seems to make sense to have cigarettes, alcohol AND coffee in reserve.


    • Nicole may say otherwise but in my opinion….

      If coffee is vacuum sealed in anyway it is damn near going to last forever or at least 5 years.

      I have taken coffee and put it in a ball jar, sealed it, shoved it in a closet and tasted it side by side compared to the same brand 5 years later and I can’t tell the difference.

      Some people may be able to but I can’t, note this was done with whole bean, not ground. I have stored ground as well but haven’t tested it past two years.

  3. If you are a true coffee snob, storing it vacuum sealed for more than about 6 months is a no go. The best way to store coffee long term is the store it unroasted, vacuum sealed –and then it lasts darn near forever. However most of us are not that snobby. So as Jack said: storing it for a really long time vacuum sealed should be just fine. Keep it in a dark cool place. But not the freezer.

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