Nick Ferguson and Jack Spirko to Host 4 Hours of Plant Propagation Bonus Q&A — 7 Comments

  1. This is awesome news Jack. The course has gotten my mind racing and blood pumping, but of course like any new topic, it has raised two questions for every answer for me. I’ll be taking notes for questions to ask during the call.

  2. Hey Jack and Nick,

    Thanks for doign this! I am very excited about this. When filming the extra footage can you please try to get some footage or pictures of what the roots from a “finished” cutting looks like? I would love to see what a cutting should look like when it’s “done.”

  3. Looking forward to it. It’s a great course. Already planning on putting in some beds for cuttings and can’t wait for the the advanced course!

  4. Will you be doing this course again. Didn’t get in in time and am very excited to get a jump on learning all I can iin order to hit our land as hard and fast as I can.

  5. Hi Jack,
    Is there a place where we can ask questions that can be answered on the follow up sessions?

    • Yes by getting on call you can ask but may be we will do some email in questions too for those that can’t make it.