How NFTs can Transition the World into an Ownership Economy – Epi-2991 — 5 Comments

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    anyway, lets try again>

    So now I have to wonder… can a person (say an author) NFT themselves and the rights to their future output? Not the books they might write, but the person themselves? Not saying it would be desirable, but wondering if it could happen? A movie star? An athlete?

    • Yes subject to the law on pre-sales in your particular situation. Like I said an NFT is not really a loop hole it is a way to automate what is already legal. So for instance in some places (talk to a lawyer not Jack) there is a time limit of how long ahead you can pre-sell a deliverable. It tends to vary by government and will often be something like up to 60 days.

      So as an author if you were limited that way you might have the manuscript done, be in final publication, editing, etc. May be your NFT people get the rough draft early or something, etc. The key is again we don’t NFT just to NFT we do it to automate some level of reward delivery or tracking, future revenue, etc.

  2. The timing on this podcast subject is just surreal… recently I’ve been approached by a startup project here in Asia that will be launching fractionalized commercial real estate NFT’s. Just like you described!

    I was skeptical at first (lot of grifters out there to watch out for), but having got a closer look they’ve really got a solid team being put together and big money players (locally speaking) backing them. This is something that even if they ultimately fail I think I’ll learn SO much being a part of it. I can’t believe I’m contemplating having an actual JOB again instead of just my crypto-mining/trading/investing self-employment, but the potential for experience and $$$ really IS that compelling.