The Next Phase is Beginning – Epi-3501 — 10 Comments

  1. Do they want to provoke Russia into blowing up a NATO base or attacking a western city so that they can then have a crisis with more authoritarian measures, a draft, less freedom, attacking, punishing, maybe arresting anyone who questions wars ?

    Good show overall.

    I have to listen to the rest of the show but as far as other investing strategies, I have some but if it’s 10 or 20%, I have to wonder if it’s enough or what are other ideas

  2. If everything is going to collapse then they need a massive crisis like a world war to blame or distract but how to do that without very serious destruction and massive death I don’t know and it’s like crazy time. It’s hard to imagine and most people don’t seem to comprehend what’s going on

    • Nope, a collapse will happen in the US when Trump opens up American oil drilling. Consider, buying foreign oil keeps the central bank currency abroad and forces international trade using the CB dollar. The oligarchs are playing chess with a population that cannot play checkers.

  3. Jack,
    I WAS a diehard Trumper. TRUMP is simply the other half of the UNI-PARTY. He has done nothing for the America citizen. Of the many, many destructive policies and court cases his “bull in the china shop” has been equal in impact of those by biden. For example, your comment to the verdict of 34 guilty counts simply supports what the uni-party wants = destruction/reconstruction of the justice system. Ok, so did you consider that this would encompass the restructure of the Supreme Court and the Constitution? Let me just cut to the answer without debate…. the answer is to remove corporate and foundation interest in the government. Next, answer me this, If he gets elected and opens up American oil what do you think will happen to the Central Bank dollar? I would be happy to discuss this at length. constructively.

  4. I like Trump’s SCOTUS picks honestly. I think he sucks less than Biden and I do not think he will make things worse. I also see him as less a war hawk.

    Finlay I said I want him to win because I want the left to lose nothing more. And I don’t vote.


    You don’t agree but I don’t have any impact so why do you care what I think? Sounds like you have an internal problem to me.

      • How is I don’t care about your political argument a deflected response when I have had that stance for 16 years? Why do you care what I think about this? Are you so confused that you think what I think has any outcome on the results?

        • Hey, the initial discussion was proposed as a discussion, not what you think or to change your thought. Pause a moment to re-read my initial post. I had no intent in my post other than to discuss the matter in a deeper context. The comment of “deflected’ implied you did not read my post but (reading your response) took it as an attack. To the point, 1) Trump is of the Deep State and 2) The Supreme Court picks will flip…just watch.

        • Why is the fact I don’t really care hard to comprehend? You are coming across like a goof here, that is as nice as I can put it.

          Also if Trump was the deep state he’d not be being charged in 5 different totally stupid ways. With over 200 counts of crimes against him.

          I don’t have time or interest in this. You go think it matters if you want. I just want the left to lose because they deserve to, NOTIHNG MORE. If you can’t understand that I have made more than sufficient attempts to explain so it is not my problem.

  5. I saw a utube video on the White Russians who opposed the communists, they were disorganized into different groups in different areas while the communists seems organized and in control of much of the center of Russia. It made me think about the often mentioned fact how democrats stick together and get stuff done

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