Episode-2777- Getting Started with Crypto Currency — 4 Comments

  1. Re: Crypto as a skill set

    I think crypto is an AMAZING skill set. I didn’t actively get into crypto as early as you did (not until 2016) and up till now have just been a small-time miner & trader, but even at this modest level it’s been opening many doors for me. This past year I’ve had people beating down my door wanting to know more and put money into crypto, and this is all WITHOUT capital controls, hyperinflation, or big pressure to find a “escape from the system/fiat”. I don’t even have a store front or company name yet, and I’ve still got people going “TAKE MY MONEY!!!” 🙂

    The common theme I’ve been seeing is that lots of people are interested in crypto yet at the same time are seriously intimidated by it, and DESPERATELY want someone to either guide them through it or handle it all for them. Yet getting to basic level of knowledge & proficiency is really not that hard, and potentially opens up a lot of doors. I’d almost liken it to the IT boom in the 90’s… like with computer jobs then, there’s a lot of potential opportunities for even the motivated, self-educating noob. I myself am terrible at programming, possess middling IT skills, and have only a journeyman-level of knowledge & experience in the space. You don’t need to be an OG crypto expert to play in this field, just a push to learn and a good amount of care & caution when trying new things in it. Yet it seems most people just let themselves get intimidated and/or don’t want to put in the time.

    I’m finding that space between those people and the crypto world & crypto experts is very much like that “active fringe” concept in permaculture Jack talks about. Pushing past the hesitation & laziness and pursuing this skill set may open up all kinds of options in that fringe, even ones not directly crypto-related.

  2. Would a smartphone with no SIM card make a good wallet? You could keep the JAXX wallet on it and keep it in airplane with no sim card. Then turn on the wifi only when needed and in a safe, home network. My understanding of the hardware wallets is they use bluetooth which can also be turned on only when needed.

    I keep my previous model iphone and use it for listening to podcasts while working outside when I don’t want to risk the newer phone.

    I’m curious if that might work.