New Youtube Video on Harvesting Amaranth Grain — 6 Comments

  1. Nice video,

    Prep library suggestion, Author Larry Dean Olsen
    Outdoor survival skills, and btw he shows how to harvest grain as well as other food sources, like ants or even termites, while real primitive stuff/survival, good down to it hit the fan, got a few rocks of flint, okay lets go get dinner sort of thing. Non Political.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I suggest saving the chaff/seeds that were blown off. That mix might still be useful for other purposes, for example chickens might pick out the seeds.

  3. I hope the “brutal” sequel includes an electric chipper shredder, like the one I got from Harbor Freight. I’ve heard of people using it to thresh large quantities of amaranth but have not tried it or seen it yet. Amaranth is very easy to grow and harvest. If we get the threshing down we can it to the very short list of grains that are suitable for small scale production.

  4. @jbob post the link to what you bought I will look into it. The brutal method I use is just crumbling the hell out of it and blowing it off a lot faster than in this demo.