New YouTube Series – Survival Fishing with Flowers — 14 Comments

  1. Great stuff Jack. I grew up fishing and would never have thought to fish with flowers or a hot dog. 🙂

  2. Flowers. Now there’s a thought. I’ve caught catfish with dial soap, but theres a new one on me. BTW glad you “get it” with twitter now, it’s how I found this nifty little series. Thanks
    Al in the desert.

  3. I was always raised to think you need hundreds of dollards of fishing gear to catch fish, BS. Thanks Jack!

  4. @Dan, I don’t mind the gator and I am sure he won’t just stay where the sign is anyway, LOL. I just didn’t want to be bothered by the PD.

  5. Jack if you were in a shtf case without money is there any plants etc that can be used to repel bugs seed tics etc.

  6. Not only does that look like fun it brings back memories. I recall fishing with a thin blade of green grass and catching a small fish which I thin used for bait. I don’t recall what I caught after that but the connection was made that you can catch fish without bait and move up the food chain.Thanks for showing people that they can be prepared for anything and take care of themselves. The most important tool in the box is the gray matter between the ears. Use that and the possibilities are endless. Again Thanks!

  7. Great technique.

    Years ago a fella from the Michigan UP showed me the same technique adapted to ice fishing.

    Simply chip out a “ice cup” next to your fishing hole, place a willow branch in the chipped out area as your fishing pole (tip-up), build ice chips at the base and splash on some water.

    Give the setup about 10 minutes to freeze solid (longer if temps near 32 f) and then bait your pole (tip-up)and start fishing.

    We would set up 6-8 of these rigs and then go back and bait them.

    The outcome was good, we caught several fish each time we went and the cost was little more than time.

  8. Hey Jack,
    If you like the jericho 941, but want it in 10mm, try the EAA Witness in 10mm. Reasonably priced clone of the CZ75, like the Jericho. same ergonomics, too!

  9. Thanks for a great video Jack. You should stop by Radio Shack and pick up a cheap wireless clip-on mic (with a foam filter) and a receiver. For less than $100 you could really improve the sound quality on your videos. A wireless remote for your camera would be a good idea also. Thanks for all you do.

  10. @Mark I have spent a hell of a lot more than 100 on wireless microphones. None of worked consistently worth a damn. They get static, interference, hums, crap out in the middle, etc.