New Year – Time to Join the MSB with a 40% Discount for Life — 3 Comments

  1. Finally signed up again thanks for the discount! If only I knew there were aquaponics videos available… would have done so much earlier!


    Might make sense to showcase what you get before buying. Thanks!

    • If there is any confusion or hard feelings after what I say, and you want a refund you are welcome to it.

      So here goes the aquaponics videos are on my main youtube channel and free to all. 99% of what I do is free to all, many join MSB because they see more than 50 bucks year in value to what I give free. Additionally though there are some special things only MSB get, discounts, videos of the workshops, etc.

      However if you joined only for the aquaponics videos, they are free and if you want a refund email me.

  2. Hey Jack,

    Thanks for running this deal to help support what you do.  You’ve been so instrumental in helping me to change my life for the better from where I was 5 years ago when I first discovered your show.  The transformation is mind blowing when I step back to think about it.   I unintentionally let my paypal account run dry and with a new baby being born right before my renewal a month or two ago I didn’t get around to moving the funds in time to renew.  My account was cancelled but I’ve felt guilty ever since for not supporting your show after all it has done for me.  This deal brought me back quick!  It certainly helps too when budgeting for formula and whatnot.  Wishing you and your family all the best from Michigan!